Photo by Alex Gaidouk "The whole Cold Cinema idea is trying to find infinite the limitations of the medium that you're using" Today on the show experimental filmmaker and musician Liz Wendelbo. Liz has a solo show up at Microscope gallery in Bushwick called Opticks which features photographs, video and works on paper from an ongoing project inspired by the optical experiments of Issac Newton and JC Maxwell. Liz describes her film making technique as Cold Cinema, a process that highlights the basic properties of film itself, and is structured by the limitations and rigors of in-camera editing. Liz has shown her films at the  Anthology Film archives and the New Museum, where she also recently performed with her minimal synth band Xeno and Oaklander. Film still from Opticks ‘Opticks III – Maxwell Tartan Ribbon’ , Film still ‘Opticks VI’, c-print ‘Pamphlet V’ Liz Wendelbo, 2009, serigraph on paper LIVE PERFORMANCE AT MICROSCOPE GALLERY Wednesday Dec 1st, 9pm - An evening of live minimal electronics and a projection of Liz Wendelbo's new 'Opticks' films, introducing R. Stirling followed by Sean McBride Sean McBride (of Xeno & Oaklander / Martial Canterel). Sean McBride will perform a live minimal electronics set to accompany a video projection of Liz Wendelbo's new films: 'Opticks XVIII, XIX, XX - Sets & Lights'. Liz Wendelbo is inviting her band mate Sean McBride, of the minimal synth duo 'Xeno & Oaklander', to perform live to her new films: 'Opticks XVIII, XIX, XX - Sets & Lights'. He has been scoring her films since 2004. He is also known for his music projects under the name 'Martial Canterel'. Since his first live performances in 2002, Sean McBride has produced a rich catalog of self-released and limited edition LPs, cassettes, and compilation tracks. The carefully crafted, private, raw, 'minimal synth' sound he has pioneered has been a pillar influence for the Brooklyn minimal electronics scene and beyond. For this video projection, Sean McBride will be performing  a subtle melancholic dark and at times rhythmic set using three Serge Modular panels from 1979. R. Stirling is the musical alias under which artist Ramsay Stirling II records and performs minimal electronic music. Ramsay Stirling II was born and works in New York. ------------------------------------ 00:00 Thomas Intro 01:34 N.I.T.A. - Young Marble Giants 05:02 Liz Wendelbo Interview pt. 1 08:08 Polaroid-Roman-Photo - Ruth 13:04 Liz Wendelbo Interview pt. 2 19:06 Saracen - Xeno & Oaklander 23:14 Liz Wendelbo Interview pt. 3 28:38 Toho Picture - Xeno & Oaklander 31:51 Liz Wendelbo Interview pt. 4 34:10 Canada - High Places 37:01 Liz Wendelbo Interview pt. 5 39:15 Opticks 12 - Liz Wendelbo 40:18 Liz Wendelbo Interview pt. 6 43:13 Smirenye - Zola Jesus 45:53 Finish