Yeah, yeah! Christmas is gone and ya’ll didn’t send me It’s ok. I got New Year’s to celebrate, that will get me thru the misery. I wanna thank everybody for another year of great music. I got more music to bring to you in the coming year. I kinda of notice a lot of artists don’t do shows that much around the holidays usually the big acts do. But we support new artists, good artist & talented artists. So check out the mix & the artists that keep us hungry to play there great music that they might not play anywhere else because of red tape & payola. Happy New Year & stay focus. You might see me hanging around Times Square to see the ball drop…
First i want to say goodbye to my friend Ed Mcdaniels who past away due to pancreatic cancer. May your soul R.I.P. He was a great music lover & cool friend. I’m a dedicate this show to you. World Hiphop, last month of the year, let’s keep it rocking. Shoutout to Kosha Dillz who will be part of the 2015 Warped tour. If you don’t know who he is you will soon. He’s been putting in a lot of work lately on the hippo scene. Also check Napoleon Da Legend in your town at the Writers Block concert in NYC. Check the bottom for the dates & venue. Peace out to everybody tuning in and enjoy the mix!!
I’m in Tampa right now.. Enjoy this cool weather.
Oh yeah, Moka Only just dropped a new album. Out of Vancouver, Canada, he’s been dropping joints for years. His production is a standout. Check him out if you never heard of him. Thanks to everybody who came out this pass week to Hunter College, music conference 2 hosted by Pearl Harba. I will post the video link soon of some of the great things that were going on about how to make it in the music industry. This week I leave for Tampa , thursday to do some more dj work and celebrate Dj Casper’s annual birthday party at ODS Sundays @ Crowbar in Ybor City. So you know the music don’t stop, let’s go!!!
Oh Yeah, ah what’s up? Still full from the 2nd’s, 3rd’s uh, ok forget it. Or maybe your tired from the Black Friday aftermath. Never really got what you wanted? Stood in line for 12 hours for some dusty jeans? It’s ok, it happens. My world hip-hop show will ease your pain. The more i dig for research in Napoleon’s name. The more i realize he has a ton of songs probably never really heard. So check in my mix a throw back from him called Junkyard Dog produced by Sugar CAyne. Plus i told ya’ll weeks ago to go get that free Raz Fresco mixture off of Least by not last new Jean Grae, exclusive Stacy Epps & more dope joints from around the world!!!
What up everybody? First, get that new R&B album by Jean Grae on Then download the free mixtape from Raz Fresco on Boom Merry Thanks Christmas.,,lol. Yeah that’s some dope music you can get right now. Holidays are here. I’ll be working this Black Friday while ya’ll running all over the shopping stores for great deals. Waiting on long lines for the special someone? In the mean time you can be bumping BTR music in ya iphone or ipad. Yeah, i gotta work this Friday, for a good cause though, more Latin hiphop this Friday. Enjoy!!
What up everybody? First I wanna say, I met the legend, icon Kid Capri, helluva guy, cool dude. Yep, excited. Excited about this new mix too. World hiphop , another dope episode. So make sure you tweet, like, share, no not Cher, LOL. I’m also excited that now you can come out and see me live every Saturday in NYC – Concrete Lounge over on 360 West 37th street between 8th & 9th ave. BtR dj’s come on down and have a drink. Always willing to meet the fam…Let’s go…enjoy the mix.
Hello world!!! Yeah, Bazarro back with another dope World HipHop mix. Ya Sunday pleasure. I remember back in the days you could only play gospel music or slow tempo R&B songs on Sunday. But, hiphop is so big now & worldly, any day of the week don’t matter now. That’s why i bring the dopiness with the hotness right here on BreakThru radio. New Jean Grae, she has a R&B album out now on bandcamp. Check it out. Also Raz Fresco drop a free mixtape on He’s from Canada so check that. Also check Talia Levy new single soon to come to digital stores, “Stay With Me”. Yeah like that. Enjoy the mix
Well, well, it’s November!! I remember it was just January. The years go like that, click! Un-real. Too fast, take one day at a time and it still goes fast. Hope you can digest some good ole hiphop from around the world. Hopefully it’ll speed up the day but slow things down at the same time, however that works. Hope u all had a good Halloween weekend. Now let’s go!!
What’s up everybody, hope all is well. Shoutout to everybody who came out to the BTR CMJ party last Friday. Good times, as we continue to celebrate our 9 year anniversary of BreakThru Radio. This week on my world hip hop mix, I got some new Jean Grae, she’s on another level. It was good to see her and have a drink with her a few weeks ago in Atlanta at the A3C festival. Check out some of her new music on bandcamp. Also check out Drop D. who connected with me on a recent mixture i dropped called the “PUrge 2” by the Dysfunkshunal Familee. You can download the free mixtape on Audiomack .com. Enjoy the mix..we worldwideeeee!!!
Woooo, hooo, yeah, I’m out here in Atlanta right now. We out here for the A3C Festival. Insane, insane. Over 500 artist are out here at one time. I myself have been out here since last Weds. Having the time of my life. Music everywhere, people everywhere and good vibes everywhere. So once again we have to do my show via-satellite from Atlanta. I got some goodies for you. I wanna introduce a dope artists from Canada that I met out here. His name is King Reign from Toronto. He’s been around, just where have i been? He has the hiphop goods so check out some of his joints playing thru out the show. World Hip Hop, it don’t’ stop. Let’s go!
Hey,hey, hey!! It’s Bazarro in (fat albert) voice, lol. It’s Friday and we doing this mix via-satellite from Atlanta, GA because I’m at the A3C festival for five fun days. I’ve been here since Weds morn! Let me tell you, it’s been incredible. It gets more crazy because the weekend starts today and more people are coming in. So while you might be missing out physically, mentally i can take you on a latin trip to keep you involved. Check out video of the week by Eloy below. Farruko constantly shelling out joints and in your town of Providence, R.I. this weekend Let’s go!! Breakthruradio!!!!
Sup, yawl?. Good. See i told you, non-stop artists from around the world. You just thought hiphop was in ya town. NOpe, it’s all over the world. Just had to remind you. If you don’t know about Kosha Dillz now, just remember i put you on first. He’s been hustling on the scene for a while. My boy Loedis is dropping a Love mixtape, like LOve for hiphop. Not the lovey dovey, love, LOL. Let’s go! New mix, check out Cookin Soul, the ill producer from Spain. BreakThrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
Peace party people, another dope mix by me of course, lol. Nah for real, back on the travel path around the world for some more world-hiphop. I got Pezet from Poland, yeah dope joints, check that out. Even a mini-tribute to Dj Honda from Japan. He has worked with tons of US artists throughout the years. Like I said a while back, hiphop has brought a lot of artists from around the world together. Just that knack for great music and wanting to work with your peers from far away. Started in NY to worldwide recognition. So um yeah we doing this mix also via-satellite out of Tampa. I will be rocking @ ODS, Crowbar in Ybor city tonight with Mr. Walt, come out. I was in Philadephia this past Thursday & Friday. Can u keep up? Let’s go
What’s up everybody? Another new mix, another Sunday. World hiphop, yes we got joints. Immortal Technique teams up with Ill Bill, that’s a ill combo right there, lot’s of energy. Also the upcoming artists Drop Di from Israel, her flow is just un-predictable & witty. I scoured the planet for artists from , Brazil, China & Italy. Check out the mix and spread the word!! Let’s go!
Yes, yes, back again, with some more firepower from around the world. World hiphop that is. Hiphop is not just in America no more, it spread like wildfire around the world. And what radio station better to bring it to you than a station that breaks new artists, BreakThru Radio!! Ha, ha like that. Check the difference sounds from different locations, Japan, Africa & more. Let’s go!!
It’s World hiphop, hiphop from other countries. It’s not just the mc’s or rappers who hold it down, it’s the producers who are making a name for themselves around the world. Producers like Illmind, M-phazes, Cookin Soul & AlterBeats. These producers have been hired by artists from all over the globe. It’s a universal connection. Some artists want to find or have that new sound that no one has, so they can stand out amongst most groups. It’s that new sound that draws new fans. It’s a worldly thing. So check out some of the producers who continue to elevate & help hiphop music progress into new heights. Let’s go!!
First, man check out the hot girl in the video of the week “Dangerous with Kardinall Offishall ft. Akon, hot damn. Plus the dope joints from Kontrafakt with Dj Premier on the beat. New joint from Tona from Toronto leading up to his next full length album. Hiphop from Poland, Baltic States, New Zealand, places you would never expect. Thank god for world hippo. You say u want something different, well check out the show!!!
World Hiphop…u DON’T Stop!!! Let’s go!!
World Hiphop…u DON’T Stop!!! Let’s go!! New music from Blitz the Amabassdor and he also gets World HIp-Hop video of the week. Meet the talented & beautiful Talia Levy in real life performing in New York August 29th @ the Village Lantern. Plus, I wanted u to know there’s two P Moneys in the game, lol. One P.Money is the super producer from New Zealand who just recorded a whole album with DuckDown’s own Buckshot. The other P-Money is from UK, a mc putting down dope lyrics. Just wanted to let u know and not be confused. Shoutout to Jean Grae & Rabbi Darkside, my peeps!!! Enjoy!!
What’s good ya’ll? World Hiphop…u DON’T Stop!!!