New Year’s Week - Unique accommodations are built each year out of ice and snow.
As you can tell, I'm betting on there being at least some folks out there still interested in listening to some Christmas tunes! Happy Holidays and welcome to the Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour. For this month of December: Christmas music. I've hand picked several tracks off my favorite Christmas LP: David Grisman's Acoustic Christmas. Also, listen to Newgrange, Ronnie McCoury, Cody Kilby and Rhonda Vincent pick some fine holiday tunes. Don't forget to check out those Christmas Bluegrass Festivals, find the details by scrolling down through the playlist. My best to you and yours!
Holiday Week – BTR’s own list of 65 things to accomplish during the holidays.
The trend of Hanukkah sweaters is noteworthy.
PHOTOBLOG: The Bryant Park Winter Market is as holiday-driven as ever.
Winter Week - You don’t have to fly to the Bahamas to escape the cold.
Bourbon, tea, orange, and cinnamon come together in this spin on a classic.
Have you ever seen a sweater at the store and thought, “You know, if I knit, I could *make* that”? Meet Wool and the Gang, a London-based knitwear label that’s all about helping you realize your knitting potential. Not only does WatG offer beautifully-designed, sustainable knitwear, they also sell a “knit kit” of pattern and supplies for each garment so that, yes, you can DIY it! They’re so jazzed about knitting that they also offer a bunch of great educational resources, and the opportunity to be part of a global community of enthusiastic knitters. On today’s show, you’ll hear from Aurelie Popper, co-founder of this innovative company, about how the idea for Wool and the Gang developed, how their community of customers and knitters is critical to their growth, what makes their brand sustainable, some of the latest trends in knitwear, some great Wool and the Gang holiday gift ideas, and more! Plus, I’ve got a very cozy playlist for you full of folky songs that are the perfect hibernation soundtrack, including music from Bon Iver, Alessi’s Ark, and UK Afro-pop-folk hybrid The Melodic. So find your favorite blanket, brew yourself a cup of tea, and settle in as we hunker down for a stylish winter here on BreakThru Radio!
It’s Anti-Social Week here on BTR, and my guest this week is the perfect style solution for when you’re doing a bit of hibernation. Ashley Jude and co-founder Ellie Williams launched Tog + Porter in 2009, offering their customers a unique opportunity to receive personal style service and fresh fashions by mail. Five years later, Tog + Porter have a strong fan base of women from all stages of life, from new moms to mid-career professionals, to young college grads. On today’s show, you’ll hear from Ashley about how she got the idea to launch Tog + Porter following the 2008 financial crisis, what it takes to be part of their stellar team of stylists, the step-by-step details of how Tog + Porter’s service works, some of the brands and labels you might find in your delivery box of goodies, and how their stylists work with clients to build fashion confidence that will last a lifetime. Plus, I have all the details for you on today’s CMJ BTR Showcase Party over at Cake Shop, with a lineup that features a whole afternoon of live indie music from Dinosaur Feathers, Literature, Popstrangers & more, AND a playlist full of great music for you on today’s show including tracks from The Fresh & Onlys, Iska Dhaaf, and Tweedy. We’re having so much fun this week on BTR, we just might forget to be anti-social!
This week's Thirsty Thursday combines citrus juices with the classic gin and tonic.
February 2014 Made Us Believe! Made Us Cry! Made Us Angry! Made Us Wonder! WHAT Is Going On In Kiev? WHY Did Philip Seymour Hoffman Leave Us So Soon? WHO Cares About The Olympics? These Questions Will Be Thought Through And Answered With The Comic Adroitness Of One Of Those Fake Arrows Through The Head! Watch & Believe Chaz Mannenheim’s MONTH IN REVIEW: February 2014!!!
January 2014 Thrilled and CHILLED All Who Participated! A Polar Vortex Swept Us Up Like Brides On A Wedding Night! Chris Christie Put The Hoagie Down Just Long Enough To Get Into Trouble! Justin Bieber Surprised Nobody By Drag Racing, Drinking, Getting Arrested, And Looking As Ridiculous As He Is! HEAR Me Discuss These Issues With Local NYC WitMasters! Grab Some Cocoa And Cuddle Up With CHAZ MANNENHEIM, NEWSMAN OF YESTERYEAR!
Chicken sausage and butternut squash means this dish is comfort food with flair.
Who says "seasonal depression" has to be depressing?
Stay warm with clam chowder without packing on the pounds.