A few weeks back, I posted a lukewarm review of Samurai Papa. But Mama is back in town, and she sure as hell knows what she’s doing.
Nothing gets me going quite like cheap tacos on a summer’s day at the beach. But cheap tacos on an unseasonably warm winter night with two charming co-workers, that ain’t so bad either.
This week BTR went to check out the McCarren Park Greenmarket, a farmers market that has been held every week since 1997.
PHOTOBLOG: This Week, BTR went to check out the French Bulldog Meetup at the McCarren Dog Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
It seems like New York City has a ramen spot on every corner. But the dish’s prevalence doesn’t temper Rebecca Chodorkoff's constant cravings, or her willingness to try new places in her search for the perfect bowl. Recently, she tried Yuji Ramen, in Williamsburg. Things got fishy.
Williamsburg's Brooklyn Brewery has been churning out some of the city's favorite brews for decades. The neighborhood boasts some of the hippest places in the world to get together, but for those willing to wait in line, you can find rare beers for $5 and enjoy a tour as well.
On one summer night, Molly Freeman ventured to the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn to check out L'isola's wood fire pizza. Though the pizza was delicious the service was slightly lacking.
Surface Week – Brooklyn has become a brand name around the country and the world. How much of Brooklyn’s reputation is real and how much of it is hype?
Located in Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Pin-Up School is the perfect place to channel your inner Bettie Page. Here, BreakThruTV’s Johanna Botta gets a tutorial on how to achieve the makeup and hair styles of that retro pin-up vibe, from co-founders of the school Anna Patin and Renee DiDio.
With a flagship store in Williamsburg and a new addition in the East Village, OddFellows Ice Cream Co. has become famous for their homemade ice cream and inventive unconventional flavors. BTRtv's Johanna Botta spoke with the owner and also had a blind tasting of four of the shop's unique flavors and tried to guess their creative combinations.
BTR brunches at Sweet Chick, arriving at chicken and biscuit heaven with Southern comfort food in Williamsburg. Upon entering the door, Sweet Chick’s atmosphere hits customers immediately. With its tables and chairs resembling those of a traditional diner or cafe, the setup is homey and inviting.
Located in Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Pin-Up School is the perfect place to channel your inner Bettie Page. BreakThruTV’s Johanna Botta speaks with Anna Patin, owner and photographer at Lucy La Riot, and Renee DiDio, owner of vintage repro shop SlapBack about the appeals of pin-up culture and what someone can expect to get from taking classes with them.
Scientific experts screened the TV show ‘Cosmos’ and introduce an educational atmosphere to an audience at Videoglogy, a bar in Brooklyn. Neighborhood astronomer, Dr. Kennet E. Flores, transformed the screening room into a university lecture hall.
Graffiti can be seen almost everywhere in New York City, and can either intrigue or deter onlookers. It takes someone with a certain talent to create the beautiful wall pieces seen in some areas. Detailed murals, portraits, and colorful words pop up on almost every couple street corners.
Our old buddies Howth (rhymes with growth) have undergone some changes since last we heard from them with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-inspired batch of tunes. Now with a freshly stripped-down 4-piece rock band lineup, we caught up with the gang at Muchmore's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for a fresh look at songwriter Carl Creighton's re-energized project.
The Sketchbook Project comprises personal artistic interpretations from people all over the globe.