Everybody, stop the presses! It finally happened! We’re finally playing…straight up country on the Saturday show. Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later- BTR gives all kinds of music a fair shake. Plus, it’s only one song. And oh yeah, we’ve got a ton of other great stuff from Telegraph Canyon, Good Field and Flo Morrissey. Make sure to check them all out!
Midweek on BTR starts with DJRePete who’s spinning yet-to-be-released music from Purple as he explores the depth of the new 409 album with a non-consecutive bloc. Also, new alternative from Dam Gila, electronic R&B via Brika, and a straight up R&B set including throwbacks from the likes of The BellRays. And with just a few days to go in the Sydney Festival 2015, hit up info and a track by festival performer Dan Deacon. That’s your Wednesday start on BTR!
We’re fully in the swing of 2015 now, two weeks in, and great news, we have a show full of great music today! We start off with a track from an excellent band called Literature, who you can also hear on BTR Live Studio w/ DJ Maia!! And as always if you’d like to keep up with everything on BTR, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and SoundCloud!