A new invention lets you watch tomorrow’s weather forecast play out inside of a magical glass case.
Fall Week – Autumn’s almost officially arrived, so many of us should be pleased. A survey showed that 29 percent of Americans found fall to be their favorite season.
Rainworks is a Seattle project operated by Peregrine Church and his comrades where they take super hydrophobic coating and spray it through stencils of messages and art around the city's sidewalks.
Rain Week - For the vast majority, storm chasing is simply a hobby, undertaken by those who are fascinated with these acts of nature, and who wish to observe and photograph the events out of curiosity. Technology offers researchers a greater scientific understanding of severe storms.
In honor of Rain Week, BTR staffers Lisa Autz and Zach Schepis describe the sensations of oncoming rain onto themselves.
Rain Week - With more and more modern technology--television, internet, radio, internet radio, smartphones, and apps--there are numerous ways of getting the weather report for the day before venturing outside. BTR staffers chime in on how they get their weather reports.
Rain Week - A new travel company guarantees a sunny wedding by bursting out the clouds. It's quite expensive, but is weather control really so ridiculous compared to all the other extravagant marriage practices out there?
Springtime is a fickle season for New York City. Perhaps the best resolution to restlessness, then, is to venture a venue that fosters warm weather--even tropical conditions, full of lush flora. An escape is found at the 'The Orchid Show' at the New York Botanical Gardens.
This week on BTR Pulse, Sarah Fraser asks people whether they prefer warm or cold weather.