Excess Week – A revolutionary new immersive experience is currently in the works that could forever alter the ways in which we interact with our entertainment. BTR takes a sneak peek inside the world’s very first immersive virtual reality theme park.
What ways can we take a break from the daily grind and lose ourselves to a sense of vacation with new adventures?
Nerd Week – In much the same way gadgets are changing our day-to-day lives, new nerd-generated devices are changing the way we see the world. Here’s how Periscope, cinematic virtual reality, and other technologies have irrevocably shaped travel.
This week we take a look at the top nerdy travel destinations and sit down with Jaunt, makers of cinematic virtual reality!
Virtual reality technology has gained popularity because of the impending release of the VR headset from Oculus, called the Rift. In 2014, Marriott Hotels launched the Teleporter, which transports users to Hawaii and London using similar tech. So, will virtual tourism replace traveling entirely?