Scarcity Week – Computer games from the ‘90s with female protagonists are making a comeback.
Cyber Week – Girls Who Code is an organization working to reach gender parity in the field of technology.
It’s Future Week on BTR! On today’s show, BTR staff writer and co-host of the Scotch & Cinema podcast, Jess Goulart, joins us to discuss how video game movies may someday become the new comic book movies, as far as Hollywood blockbusters go. And later, freelance journalist and spoken word artist Jennifer Leigh Oprihory joins us to discuss a slew of foreign policy issues, her recent story for the Medill National Security Journalism Initiative on the US military’s role in international disaster relief, and read us some poems!
Future Week – These video games are coming to a theater near you!
This week on the show, Alex Handy talks about the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment, a non-profit based in Oakland, California.The museum houses a growing collection of historic video games and digital ephemera. It’s mission is to preserve these games and educate the public about how video games are made and why they deserve the same artistic status as films or painting.
This week it’s comics, cosplay, video games and general geeking out with Girl Gone Geek!
Channel the domestic cat’s perspective through a video game.
Tune in to this week’s Biology of the Blog to hear more from Donna Desborough, voice behind Femme Gamer.
The Kinect may suck as a gaming device, but the internet has found many other uses for it.
The Games for Change Festival, as part of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, is giving rise to humanitarian videogames.
The durability and reliability of our bygone technology products.