Finding vegan food in cities like New York is becoming an easier feat with each passing year. The Vegan Shop-Up is looking to change that. The all-vegan pop-up market that started this past August hosts a variety of vendors that sell both food and cruelty-free goods.
The Brass Rail, located on Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey, offers bottomless brunch on weekends starting at 11:30am. Brunchers who typically hop across the Hudson River for bottomless options can rejoice in the fact that The Brass Rail offers the same deal for a comparable price.
Creating safe spaces for wildlife goes beyond lowering the road kill rate. BTR looks at some ways that humans can accommodate their local animals.
Fall Week – The sun crosses the celestial equator. Trees begin to transform into their foliage states. The autumnal equinox serves as a balance of sorts, and marks the sign of yet another new beginning. Nights and days reach equilibrium of sunlight as the sun wanes and prepares for another winter. Before the frosty season begins however, autumn is celebrated.
Learning how to grocery shop for yourself is no easy feat and can end up with one-third of your groceries wasted if you don’t do it right. D+D rounds up some shopping tips for a week of healthy meals and zero waste.
Labor Week – While the wage discrepancy between men and women in the United States today has garnered a great deal of recent media attention, difference in salaries is only one component of a much larger and complex issue. Could the US see a more gender-balanced workforce in the near future?
In Denver, CO, the foodie scene is pretty impressive. Healthy spots are available more than in many other cities, and this includes an abundance of vegan and vegetarian options. Making these kinds of choices are especially easy at City, O’ City.
With Labor Day just a couple days away, a barbecue may be planned during your long weekend. For an alternative approach to the standard fest of meats, Tanya Silverman and Veronica Chavez share some vegan words of advice.
Labor Week – There may be more than one million species of insects in the world. Many of the schemas we hold about insects are negative. However, while insects are not exactly beloved creatures, they perform an astonishing amount of beneficial work.
‘Zarkana’ ushers viewers into a playful albeit bizarre world with comedy, acrobatics, and dazzling visual spectacles. Veronica Chavez reviews the show she saw in Las Vegas.
Surface Week – There are many reasons for women to put on makeup: to accentuate certain features, to display their mood, or to portray themselves in a certain way. There are as many reasons to wear–or not wear–makeup as there are women. Some women of BTR weigh in on why they don makeup.
A medley of iconography, fine art, and street culture, FAILE’s latest exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum offers a refreshing and stimulating blurring of art mediums and genres. The installed pinball machines and ‘Temple’ offer a unique and immersive experience to visitors.
Excess Week – As much as you love your partner and want to wake up next to each other every day, that doesn’t mean you necessarily love all of that person’s stuff, or care to have it cluttered all over your own. When moving in with a significant other, it helps to organize correctly.
Excess Week – According to recent research, a person’s outcome in “lotteries,”–whether they happen to be born into a position of better economic and social standing and in good health or the opposite–affects their perception of the world around them.
Happiness Week – Some tricks to stay happy include exposing yourself to more natural sunshine, looking at old photographs, and playing with animals. While it’s not very hard to figure out why such activities would make people feel warm and fuzzy, there is actual science behind why they make us feel good.
From cheese fries to grilled cheese to spaghetti, our favorites have one thing in common: carbohydrates.
Buzz Week – Should we be recommending a lower consumption of coffee to the American public? Ted Fischer, professor of Anthropology and Director of the Institute of Coffee Studies at Vanderbilt University, says no.
In 2005, Blossom Restaurant opened in Chelsea and provided yet another option for New York plant-eaters. Blossom doesn’t just craft vegan-friendly options for people though, they create artful dishes that make vegans rejoice and meat eaters forever abandon their misconceptions about vegan food.
The new documentary about Amy Winehouse offers an intimate look at the vivacious jazz singer’s troubled path under the harsh spotlight of fame. The film gives the world a loving and exquisitely done homage to the now-iconic artist.
Roots Week – Today, DNA testing and tracing back ancestral roots is actually considered one of America’s most popular hobbies. How much can individuals really learn about themselves by exploring family trees?
Reality Week – In America a prevalent idea is that somewhere out there exists a formula for success, a golden ratio, a step-by-step tutorial that could lead a person from any walk of life towards the right path. Can we set ourselves up for success? How much control do we have over our destinies?
A rise in food studies programs shows that Americans are starting to educate themselves on how politics, demographics, and location affect the food insecurity of an area.
The Museum of the Moving Image’s newest exhibition, titled ‘Sensory Stories: An Exhibition of New Narrative Experiences’, provides a momentary escape from reality but leaves much to be desired.
Reality Week – We at BTR have made the effort to experience locations like the Jersey shore’s Shore Store to New Orleans’ Cafe du Monde, both on screen and off. What were these places like in real life as opposed to on TV or in movies? Read to find out.
Shaka Burrito is a Hawaiian-themed burrito joint located on 23rd Street in Manhattan between Second and Third Ave. The restaurant boasts “grass fed, GMO-free New Zealand beef,” as well as “non-GMO basmati brown rice and cooking oil,” which means Shaka is off to an impressive start.
Birthday Week – Birthday parties are fun when you’re a kid. An adult handles all the planning, heaps of people are almost guaranteed to show up, and there seems to be endless party ideas. BTR rounds up some creative birthday party ideas–whatever your taste may be.
For those of you who drank a little too much yesterday and woke up feeling completely out of commission, we’re here for you. We know what it’s like and we’re sharing our personal experiences and our favorite cures for the common hangover.
What is the line between a cult and commune? BTR reviews a documentary, ‘The Source Family,’ and analyzes the ideas and history behind the formation of the cult.
Is it possible to make dishes from the food delivery service without dairy? Most of the recipes contained cheese, butter, or eggs, even for those who choose the vegetarian option.
Fan Week – It seems as though there are two types of concert attendees: those that are constantly taking photos and videos of the event and those that leave their phones/cameras in their pockets or at home. Since many of us here at BTR enjoy some live music now and again, we decided to chime in on the matter.
Fan Week – Have you ever been starstruck? We at BTR have served Johnny Depp, bumped into Alec Baldwin, and chatted with Kirstie Alley. Check out our experiences of celebrity encounters.
BTR staffers found an assortment of Jelly Belly bags worth taste testing. Here’s what we thought about the Cocktail Classics, Superfruit Mix, Sours, and Tropical Mix.
Fan Week – Festivals are fabulous. You get to enjoy the outdoors, try new foods, immerse yourself in a sea of eclectic individuals, and of course, listen to live music. BTR rounds up all the handy tips you need to make it through the sea of flower crowns in one piece.
Anyone who cooks as often as some of us here at BTR will find it pretty simple to conjure up images of their most prized kitchen possession. You know exactly what we mean if you fit into this category, too. For us, the essentials range from a simple knife to a celebrity-signed container.
This week is a special one here on BTR as it’s Relationship Week. The Hash hosts Molly and Dane begin by discussing Millennial weddings and later are joined by BTR’s own Kenneth Miller, who penned “Becoming Monogamish,” and Jess Goulart, who wrote “Play Me A One Night Stand.”
Relationship Week – Avid wedding planners and dress consultants may market their services by playing into the stereotype that “all girls dream of their wedding day.” However, Millennials are choosing to get married later in life and many of them desire less lavish ceremonies than those of previous generations.
On June 8, Seattle-based Starbucks announced six new flavors of Frappuccino in celebration of the blended beverage’s 20th anniversary. The variations are dubbed Fan Flavors in honor of customers’ favorite ingredient combinations; they include Caramel Cocoa Cluster, Cinnamon Roll, Cotton Candy, Cupcake, Lemon Bar, and Red Velvet Cake.
Relationship Week – Research has highlighted time and time again that our clothing choices are deeply intertwined with our self-perception and personality. BTR staffers weigh in on the outfits that make them feel the most confident.
Rain Week – With more and more modern technology–television, internet, radio, internet radio, smartphones, and apps–there are numerous ways of getting the weather report for the day before venturing outside. BTR staffers chime in on how they get their weather reports.
Up until very recently, there was very little to dislike about the almond. In light of Rain Week, Dish + Drink takes a look at the link between California’s water consumption and almonds.
Throwback Week – A notion has long implied that men and women were always held on different planes of superiority. This concept however doesn’t align with the findings of recent research.
Vacation Week – As relaxing as it is to spend vacation days completely decompressing, research shows that engaging in play is deeply intertwined with human development and intelligence–even for fully-functioning adults.
Blacklist Week – The human anatomy of the female body is no secret–though it is largely sexualized. How close is society to stripping away the double standard of toplessness?
MoMA’s latest exhibit showcases the iconic artist’s work from ballpoint pen drawings to pop art prints. Assorted renditions of Andy Warhol’s soup cans, fun shoes, and popular portraits are displayed.
Blacklist Week – Using MDMA, LSD, and other psychedelic substances as tools for psychotherapy may seem like a relatively new and radical concept. However, before these drugs fell into the hands of curious hippies and club-goers, psychiatrists were primarily utilizing them as an aid in intensifying and essentially expediting the therapeutic process.
Hazards Week – Could following a zero-waste lifestyle be the secret to combating America’s growing trash issue? BTR speaks with some environmentally conscious individuals about their lifestyle techniques.
Dr. Kristen Bentson, founder of YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition, shares how to overcome the inevitable food FOMO that comes with healthy-eating. Her workshop includes metabolism testing, four in-person workshops, grocery lists, calorie-customized meal plans, and use of her online meal-tracking tool.
Nerd Week – The sentiment has been expressed time and time again: “Robots are stealing our jobs!” However, could humans learn to overcome this fear and have robot companions?
Climate Week – Shubhendu Sharma took an innovative planting technique and now offers it as a retail service, essentially allowing consumers to “build their own forest.” His eco-company, Afforestt, can begin to grow a mini-forest from scratch in just six months.
The social and environmental consequences of the booming gluten-free (GF) economy cannot be overlooked. Didier Bazile, member of the Food and Agriculture Org. of the UN, believes that there is a lot of inaccurate information being circulated about quinoa producers in Bolivia and Peru.
Care Week – It is no secret that transgender individuals face a tremendous amount of discrimination and prejudice, sometimes even to the point of death. When using facilities like bathrooms or locker rooms, transgender individuals are often met with harassment, denied entrance, and are even assaulted.
The ideology behind veganism can be a difficult one to comprehend. While the dietary structure is pretty straightforward–no meat, dairy, or animal byproducts–the reason why anyone would choose to live without these common food staples is not always obvious.
Class Week – Learning is an essential part of any fulfilling life. However, even after several years of formal schooling, many graduates depart from universities lacking certain skills that simply are not touched upon in such a structured setting. NYC’s Brooklyn Brainery offers students unique opportunities to learn outside the institutional classroom environment.
It’s that time of year: Girl Scout cookies are back! Here are our favorites.
Raw menu items are all the rage, but are they worth the hype?
Unprepared Week – BTR investigates the meaning and science behind the raw food diet.
A compilation of visuals, sounds, costumes, and instruments showcasing the artist’s multifaceted career.
How easy is it for a school cafeteria to become vegetarian?
Dish + Drink checks out the Vegetarian Food Festival at the Metropolitan Pavilion.
New Economy Week – An in-depth look at the fight to increase minimum wage.
Secret Week – Why do we divulge more to strangers than familiar people?
Secret Week – Is it ethical to ban people from talking about fracking?
Don’t just take away meat, add new proteins.
Selfie Week – Who knew that a monkey taking a selfie could stir so much controversy?
BTR staffers weigh in on ‘Trivia Crack’ and whether it’s 2015’s follow-up to ‘Candy Crush’.
The kitchen of the future is closer than you think.
Disruptive Week – How has the art of protesting changed over the years?
How lowering your meat consumption can help the environment.
College Week – Dispelling myths and understanding changes in how humans actually learn.
One of BTR’s resident vegetarians explores the rise in skipping out on meat.
Dish + Drink takes a look at five smart products to enhance your cooking experience.
Inspired Week – How the new wave of gender-neutral toys inspires today’s girls.
New Year’s Week – Tips and tricks on how to stick to your resolutions.