Brian Kilmeade's said plenty of batshit things on Fox and Friends, but his words Monday might take the cake.
Dr. Celine Gounder explains what’s behind so-called vaccine hesitancy and how to boost vaccine confidence. Also, New Line Cinema’s ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead.’ Plus music by Michael Cormier.
Dr. Céline Gounder discusses how she & other health experts work to build America’s vaccine confidence.
MJ Knefel comments on the recent mask guidance from the CDC, noting that while the United States has been lucky with recent vaccine availability, there are a number of reasons people may be reluctant to stop masking.
Plus student debt relief updates, conservative outrage, movie reviews, Matt Gaetz, and more.
There's arguably no worse person to debate the merits of masks, but Paul tried it with Dr. Anthony Fauci anyway.
Plus political capital, minimum wage talk, TikTok vs. Helen Keller, and more.
The new CDC guidelines say that vaccinated people can be together indoors, and a stimulus bill round-up including the highs and lows of the Democratic Party. Krysten Sinema Photo courtesy of The United States Senate - The Office of Krysten Sinema via Wikimedia Commons