Trying to survive the holidays? We got ya. Commiserate with our familial challenged storytellers as they recount a Halloween that almost became the “Halloween” movie and the fear of celebrating Thanksgivings alone and childless. Fun stuff!! Just like the holidays themselves. See you in 2019!
Synopsis here Josh Sharp ( Kevin Doyle (@KevinJamesDoyle) Ashley Brooke Roberts ( Adam Wade (
From pissing in your mom's face, to hook ups gone awry, to lost days scaling fences and being where you shouldn't be, we have you entirely prepared with all you need for Back to School.   Mike Kelton ( Halle Kiefer ( Ashley Brooke Roberts ( Adam…
Dads. We need them. Or at least their half of our DNA. We promise that this month’s show won’t make you mow the lawn or cut your hair or tell you to do something with your life. We’re all too old for that now. Enjoy! Matt Dennie ( Halle Kiefer ( Ashley Brooke Roberts ( Adam Wade (
What passes for passion in your life? Getting tossed into the friend zone right before the prom? Throwing up during your first kiss? Personally, we hope you’ve had better luck than our performers, who share these tales of passion (and more) on this month’s Nights of Our Lives. Jim O'Grady ( Jeff Hiller ( Maggie Maxwell ( Adam Wade (
What delusions do you have? That you’re special? That the universe concerns itself with your existence? Sweet, innocent you. Tune in to this month’s Nights show to hear about delusions ranging from crapping the bed after a sexual encounter to humiliating yourself auditioning for “I, Tonya.” Thanks for listening!
Do you feel lucky, well do ya? You should because you’re listening to this month’s Nights of Our Lives show! Dear heavens—if this is the best thing that happens to you today then we’re sorry. Anyway, this month we have stories running the gamut from appearing on the cover of the board game Scene IT 2 to crapping your pants on the NJ Transit! All true! Enjoy!
Remember that great present you got for the holidays of your dad cheating on your mom? Or of your Irish dance teacher humiliating eight year old you? Or that blow job you received from that totally straight guy?