Cooking Week – Can you re-program your brain into liking healthy foods?
It’s graduation and commencement season again — the time of year when speakers, both well-known and less so, deliver speeches to students as they prepare to move on in their lives and pursuits. Sometimes the advice offered is great, while other times… not so much. BTR Pulse’s Sarah Fraser speaks with people about what makes an effective graduation speech and then hands them the mic to deliver their own words of wisdom to the class of 2014.
On Friday, April 25, 2014, football players at Northwestern University cast secret ballots about whether they would become the first college athletes in the country to form a union. While the results of this vote may not be known for some time due to legal disputes, it added fuel to ongoing conversations in college sports about the rights of players. BTR Pulse’s Sarah Fraser spoke with people on the street, as well as with sports business reporter and author Kristi A. Dosh, about whether they think college athletes should be able to unionize.