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The struggle to sustain quality international reporting in a digital age, yet it's importance in understanding international leaders.
Open Week - Learning about other people by interacting with them tears down the stereotypes and psychological walls that divide us from one another, and while that is certainly not the only way travel opens your mind, it is perhaps the most important.
Andrea Grimes joins us to discuss attacks on Planned Parenthood and abortion access in Texas and across the country, the NYPD asks a woman who was sexually assaulted if she was a “party girl,” and Peak Chait comes to us in a debate about office air-conditioning.
Vacation Week - Are you working too much? Many Americans feel they are. In fact, research found that Americans work more hours on average per week than similarly wealthy European countries.
Artist and Oregon State Professor Julie Green paints death-row inmates' last meals (or their requested last meals) on ceramic plates. She plans to continue the project, 'The Last Supper,' until the death penalty is abolished.