United States
How the United States could become self-sufficient in energy by 2035.
Today's show is all about police repression of Arab and Muslim communities, and activist groups as well.
New York City celebrates our veterans with their annual parade down Fifth Avenue.
How the Students For Life in America organization is trying to sway the vote.
Jeffrey McClain of Iraq Vets Against The War on to discuss Stars Earn Stripes, a facility that recreates the bin Laden raid, and growing militarism in America.
New York City has approved a 17% fare increase for cabs. This, the first major hikes in 6 years, will take effect in September and will raise the cost of a current $12 ride to $14. The increase has made New York the fourth highest in cost for the average taxi ride behind Tokyo, San Francisco and Los Angeles. This week on BTR Pulse we ask people their thoughts on this latest fare hike.
A conversation with Roger Sadowsky about making all-American guitars.
Two filmmakers speak on the issues facing women veterans they tackle in their latest project.