BTRtoday staff picks for the best albums of 2016.
It was pop punk Lord of the Flies on this night, and it was amazing! These ladies really know how to rock out.
We’ve gathered here today to rock out to Dearly Beloved--the dark and stormy Canadian band that aren’t afraid to spill it all out on stage!
Jonny Couch has been through the punk rock ringer and has come out stronger than ever! He recently released his debut solo EP, and we were there to watch all the shenanigans unfold.
On synths, early Swans, fan expectations, and his upcoming sci-fi noise opera.
Luna Rose is a band that you just are really going to want to hang out with. A trio recently turned four piece, they play sweet sweet sounds and have a damn good time doing it. Check them out!
What's a beach without some creeps? Say hello to the band Beech Creeps! A band consisting of some of the most creative and expert musicians ready to rock your ears off!