Chaz Mannenheim, Newsman Of Yesteryear, is here with a new look, a new suit, and some new insight into the time period he comes from. Witness Chaz at the outset of his journey in our modern times; recollecting the dominating news stories from his era, and with the aid of the man on the street, bringing his unique perspective to the most talked about events in April 2014. Laugh, Love, and Learn, with Chaz Mannenheim, Newsman of Yesteryear!
How the public connects best to the tragedy in the news.
It’s Identity Week on BTR! On today’s show, Molly Freeman talks about female representation in media, plus a word from the creator of “Typecast”, a viral video parody of Lorde’s “Royals”.
It’s Folk Week at BTR! On today’s show, BTR’s own Jess Goulart joins us to talk about her story that’s live on the frontpage of the site today about the influence of Folk Theorem on Game Theory.
March 2014! A MONTH Where Russia Did Dirty In Crimea! A MONTH Where Malaysian Planes Fell Out Of The Sky! A MONTH Where Hollywood’s Finest Gave Each Other Awards And Made Us Watch It For FOUR HOURS! These Stories And More… Well Just These Stories Brought To You By The One And Only Chaz Mannenheim, Newsman Of Yesteryear! With The Aid Of The Most Entertaining People On The Street You’ve Ever Met! SEE! WATCH! LIKE! LIVE! And LOVE!
Far-fetched allegations claim Ukraine’s interim Prime Minister is a Scientologist, but to what avail?
February 2014 Made Us Believe! Made Us Cry! Made Us Angry! Made Us Wonder! WHAT Is Going On In Kiev? WHY Did Philip Seymour Hoffman Leave Us So Soon? WHO Cares About The Olympics? These Questions Will Be Thought Through And Answered With The Comic Adroitness Of One Of Those Fake Arrows Through The Head! Watch & Believe Chaz Mannenheim’s MONTH IN REVIEW: February 2014!!!
Coverage of the Ukrainian presidential flashy estate and the Mexican drug lord’s inconspicuous hotel room.