KING BLOOD - It's another storming session this week from another storming Norwich based band of cheeky youngsters! Oh boy! Conor, my glamorous assistant recorded them, and did as sterling a job as usual. Go and check King Blood live if you get the chance. Yes, that includes you! Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
It's December and the holiday season is in full effect! Sinista returns with the annual “Best Of” show, where he takes you through the best the UK has had to offer in 2015. Dope tracks from the likes of Mic Righteous, Chrome & Illinspired, Akala, Triple Darknes and many,many more. So Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy the show.
BEBOX - Having seen Bebox do her live thing at a few gigs, including on of Iain Lowery's OST nights at Cinema City, I knew I had to snare her for an OSS session. A few failed attempts later, and here we are. Voice, and loop station. That's it. Here are the results. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
November is upon us and the UK Hip Hop exponents known as Sinsta & Stark Note have returned with a boot full of UKHH! There is music from the likes of Cappo, Ricky Lix, Gi3mo and many more. Ray Vendetta's Adamantium Archives is the Album Of The Month and the ever ready legendary Raga Twins are getting a spin in Classic Corner as we feature "Reggae Owes Me Money". So pump the volume up, put the kettle on and enjoy some DOPE UK Hip Hop.
This week we check in with UK fashion blogger and journalist Emma, author behind the Cosmopolitan partnered blog What Emma Did!
Kagoule is a band of three teenagers from Nottingham, Great Britain. Growing up as friends and bandmates, the trio has a special chemistry that fuels their creative forces, from their 90s alt-rock sound to the artwork and visual approach of everything they do. Full of spot-on dynamics and verse-chorus-verse turns to make Dinosaur Jr, Smashing Pumpkins, and Pixies fans take notice, the band is poised to bring their big sound, which is already making waves in their home country, to the U.S. in a big way.
FEDERAL TELE - I'm not very good with keeping up with all the latest hot genres, but I guess you'd describe this as post-rock. And it really does rock! And it posts a little bit too! So, that's both bases covered there. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
13TH CHIME - This week's band are the legendary UK goth band 13th Chime. They formed in Haverhill, UK in 1980, building up a HUGE following at their live shows, and releasing three fantastic singles over the next few years. All of those singles have recently been re-released, and they're now in demand again all over the world, being offered shows in the USA, Russia, Poland, and all over Europe. They just played in Russia, and are in Poland in October, and I'm hoping they play soon in the UK, and for you in the USA.
Open Week – Neighbors have become less neighborly throughout the years, and they often don’t know each other’s names. What do such trends indicate about contemporary American society?
We arrive at August and as the summer starts to wind down Sinista & Stark Note are here to keep the temperature rising with some dope Hip Hop, UK style! With music from Twizzy, who’s “Done With the Bull” is Album Of The Month, Trademark Blud, Akala and many more. Plus Lewis Parker’s Rise EP is getting spun in classic corner. So pull up a chair and come take a ride on the UK Hip Hop mothership!
BEBOX - Having seen Bebox do her live thing at a few gigs, including on of Iain Lowery's OST nights at Cinema City, I knew I had to snare her for an OSS session. A few failed attempts later, and here we are. Voice, and loop station. That's it. Here are the results. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
SAM LEES - Well, what a lovely time I had meeting Sam and recording this session! Sam plays solo gigs around the Norwich area, and my glamorous some-time assistant Conor recommended him to me, saying "ooh, Sam Lees, his set is fun!". Which it is! Here's the proof, incase you're used to me lying.. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
THE WASH - Tonight is for fans of psych, prog, avante guarde, and other fantastic genres like that. The Wash is made up of David on guitar (who also drums in various bands), Shane (who is in Bavarian Rocket Groop), on keyboard & piano, and James Mason (no, not that one) also on guitar. Oh, and for one time only, there's a special handsome guest on bass, and a little bit of drums.. Stop it, I'm blushing.. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
For Jason Baldock and Gemma Dietrich of the British neo-soul inspired duo Rope Store, an underground bunker surrounded by three feet of concrete makes the perfect muse for songwriting.
The benefits of writing a song in a day while underground in a Cold War bunker
If ever there was an artist capable of convincing you to “Remember The Highs”, it’s UK singer-songwriter Lucy Hill. BTR caught up Hill, who performs under the moniker Little Lapin, to chat about what has changed for her since her last Tune Up feature a year ago.
THE PUPPETEERS - Well this was a fun set to record! Loads of energy, and some really good songs, played by a bunch of really nice people, makes Jason a slightly less dull boy. Make sure you go out and catch the band live, if you live in the UK. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
METALLEG - Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
Globally, almost 805 million people experience symptoms of severe hunger everyday. That means that one out of every nine people does not have enough food on their plate. FareShare, a UK-based charity that fights against hunger and food waste, currently provides over 13.2 million meals to people from sources of “hidden food.”
Warp Records Edition. Lock in!
Dub'n it with DJ Drew on BTR
February and love is in the air, the birds are singing sweet songs of romance and the clou… Nah, we're just playing. Like every 3rd Friday of the month Sinista and Stark Note are back with a fat sack of UK Hip Hop to punch your ear drums clean off!!! With music from the likes of the Four Owls, Chrome & Illinspired plus many more. So any blues that you may be experiencing this month will be instantly washed away!
ANYTHING MAN - Regular listeners to the show will know that we have semi-regular parties at the studio, where we invite only the loveliest of people, who come along, watch the bands, have fun, and some of them jam afterwards, randomly making up songs, well into the early hours. Well, this band includes four of those people (Justina, Bromley, Andy & Joe), as they'll be semi-improvising some songs for you now, along with Mic on drums.
Flowers is the London-based trio of Sam, Rachel, and Jordan. Formed in 2012 and booked for a tour supporting The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart before playing their first gig, they've been making brilliant first impressions all along the way with their charmingly fuzzy pop. From solid, minimalist structures to sonic mayhem and captivating vocals, the band has a way of captivating audiences. They stopped by Let Em In Music in Gowanus, Brooklyn, while in town for CMJ for this special session, recorded by engineer Nadim Issa.