Twitter further entrenched itself as the social media platform for news, commentary and humor. And O.J. Simpson.
Osita Nwanevu joins us to discuss his piece on what “cancel culture” really means. Also, 70,000 migrant children have been detained this year, and Mayor Pete’s rise in Iowa. Osita Nwanevu,…
If everyone blocked Ben Shapiro, would he even make a sound?
What’s the difference between a ringing endorsement and an unintentional own? And why are Biden’s people already discussing electability and party unity? Dr. Jill Biden answered both questions.
Right wing media painted the Dayton shooter as a leftist mass murderer because of accounts he retweeted and followed on Twitter.
Joe discusses the #ObamaWasBetterAt hashtag and why it’s a little too idealistic for his liking.
Trump’s racist tweet storm was enabled by Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats’ treatment of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashia Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley.
The classic sitcom is leaving Netflix in 2021. It’s time for the show to leave Twitter, too.
Lizzo’s “Boys” has raised the meme bar to the highest it’s ever been.
His career appears indestructible, no matter how uncool or offensive he gets.
Joe discusses Elizabeth Warren’s appearance on The Breakfast Club and how media members disingenuously spread “controversial” clips on Twitter.
Some rules are meant to be broken. Others should be ignored entirely.
On the first day of his campaign, Susan Bro and Anita Hill both illuminated Joe Biden’s tendency to use other people for his own person gain. Also, Twitter can’t make an algorhythm that can tell the difference between white supremacists and Republican politicians, and listener mail.
A masturbation machine provided Twitter’s comic relief for the day.
Joe discusses Donald Trump’s Joe Biden tweet and why the president’s lack of self-awareness and shame gives him an advantage in situations like these.
Boys don’t cry. Unless it’s from laughter caused by these Cure memes.
It’s way more than just the newest trailer. (Potential spoilers inside.)
Joe discusses the MAGA Teen and how the media has been so roundly duped by his public relations redemption tour.
Joe discusses Trump’s fast food buffet, fake outrage over non-news events, and how we frame our opinions on dumb moments based on what we believe and who we follow.