Joe revisits his appearance on Owen Shroyer’s “War Room” live on Infowars.
The social media platform is known for its hate, racism and misinformation. So we wrote about it a lot.
Short answer: No. Shorter answer: a GIF of Danny DeVito shaking his head “no.”
In Part 2, Bryor Snefjella discusses Twitter’s utility in language studies, pop culture reinforcing national stereotypes, and potential implications of his study’s findings.
Bryor Snefjella joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring Twitter language to identify national character stereotypes between Canadians and Americans.
In Part 3, Jeff Bellone discuses Kevin Durant rumors and Knicks Film School’s content and charitable mission this year.
The NYPD has its own drone program, Saudis bought huge blocks of rooms at the Trump hotel, and Trump didn’t ruin HW’s funeral and thus got lots of credit for being reasonable.
Joe talks about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s early days in Washington and how she uses social media to expertly respond to absurd right wing attacks and slights.
The Flyers’ new mascot seems perfect for spooky season. But some memes are meant to stay online.
It’s getting easier to identify right wing dreck specifically designed to make liberals angry.
Jane Lytvynenko joins the show to discuss the spread of misinformation and memes in the wake of Taylor Swift’s endorsement of Democrats in her home state of Tennessee.
Joe discusses the mockery of #HimToo and why the right’s only politically uniting principle is triggering the libs.
Judicial observers and politicians have long known the Supreme Court nominee to be a politically convenient dolt.
r/RussiaLago is a one-stop fear shop for hard news, crackpot conjecture and everything in between.
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are almost certainly getting more out of you than you’re getting out of them.
Joe discusses Alex Jones’ verbal tet-a-tet with Senator Marco Rubio and his confrontational trip to Captiol Hill.
Eoin Higgins returns to discuss his list of the most insidious #Resistance grifters, including Russia conspiracy mongers and former intelligence officers grifting government clearance.
More millennials are running for office than ever. That’s a lot of internet history for opposition researchers to cover.
The right has embraced the campus carry advocate, proving how low the bar is set for becoming a conservative star.
@RacismDog is woofing its way through the platform’s obvious and not-so-obvious racism.
In Part II, the Racism Watch Dog owners discuss how they choose racists tweets to bark at, negative responses to the account, their favorite @RacismDog tweets, and more.
Roseanne set the bar, but she’s not the only conservative star who’s faced criticism.
The @RacismDog owners join the show to discuss the inspiration behind their successful Twitter account and the importance of highlighting racism on Twitter.
Fellow BTR host J. McVay joins the show to discuss Roseanne Barr’s racists tweets that led ABC to cancel her show.
Twitter Moments with Matt Ruby. Jacqueline Soller and J. McVay on ‘Deadpool 2.’ John Knefel on the Trump administration creating closer ties with Saudi Arabia and Israel. A performance from Oracle Room’s recent BTR Live Studio session.
Joe discusses Fox News host Neil Cavuto’s takedown of Donald Trump and why it’s weird people are celebrating a news anchor for pointing out lies.
Joe discusses the intellectual dishonesty of the right using Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump as some sort of intellectual turning point.
Eric Curtin (@dubstep4dads) joins the show to discuss FuckJerry’s recent Shorty Awards win and the problems content stealing accounts pose to original content creators.
It took just two days for Kanye West’s Twitter comeback to go from cute to alt-light.
When tragedy strikes, the ugliness of the internet lays itself bare.
Buzzfeed’s Jane Lytvynenko joins the show to discuss the growing problem of Twitter hoaxes and misinformation in the wake of tragedies and shootings like the one at YouTube HQ on Tuesday.
Instead of trying to make people laugh, maybe Arie should try shutting up and going away.
When Twitter starts connecting dots, you might have a full-blown conspiracy on your hands.
Joe discusses Betsy DeVos’ brutal “60 Minutes” interview, the Trump administration discussing death penalties for drug dealers, and the death of conservative ideology.
In the first half of this week’s episode, we check in with Matt Linden of the 6-year old Minneapolis-based label, Forged Artifacts
The anti-Trump tweeter isn’t exactly a journalist.