Obstacle Week – Is social media an obstacle to memory?
This week, The Hash covers superheroine films, Gamergate, and prenups.
It’s Cyber Week on BTR! On today’s show, Charlie Smith of Great Fire talks about the work of his organization in exposing online censorship by Chinese authorities and complicit corporate media interests. And later, Cora Currier of The Intercept explains how governments are bypassing encryption techniques, largely viewed by technologists as the last line of defense for your online privacy.
Anti-Social Week – Social media does have its benefits.
This week, The Hash covers a new law in California, break-ups and Twitter, and ‘A to Z’.
It’s Future Week on BTR! On today’s show, BTR staff writer and co-host of the Scotch & Cinema podcast, Jess Goulart, joins us to discuss how video game movies may someday become the new comic book movies, as far as Hollywood blockbusters go. And later, freelance journalist and spoken word artist Jennifer Leigh Oprihory joins us to discuss a slew of foreign policy issues, her recent story for the Medill National Security Journalism Initiative on the US military’s role in international disaster relief, and read us some poems!
Trending Week – Are you a social media amateur looking to go pro? Here are some essential tips you need to know.
A new craze where people fake their vacations on social media misses the point of travel entirely.
Wayne Ski weighs in on Ferguson, MO today.
Syfy will attempt to revive social media success with ‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’.
Rising in popularity this year, social media prenups are designed to protect the parties involved from embarrassing or unflattering social media posts either during the marriage or in the case of a break up. Often a clause in a larger prenuptial agreement, depending on the financial status of the couple, a violation can result in a hefty fine for the offending party. This week on BTR Pulse, Sarah Fraser asks people if they would consider signing such an agreement.
How ISIS wages war over social media and the international backlash against it.
A new study claims Tumblr has more social TV activity than Twitter.
This week, DJs Molly and Dane discuss Twitter overuse, updated rules of chivalry, and female privilege.
Eric Rosenberg talks to BTR about founding the start-up collective at the University of Maryland.
“I can take something like prison and make it into something positive,” says a graduate of the prison program, The Last Mile.
A great debate took place on Twitter when Chicago chef Grant Achatz criticized a couple for bringing their eight month old infant to his triple-Michelin-starred restaurant. The online dialogue unveiled an array of opinions about whether or not young children should be allowed in fine dining establishments. For childless fine diners, a screaming child can upset a costly experience, but for parents, such a ban could deprive children of a valuable lesson in etiquette. BTR Pulse’s Sarah Fraser spoke with people on the streets about whether children should or should not be banned from fine dining establishments. She also spoke with former restaurateur Michael Vuick, who once banned children from his establishment, McDain’s in Monroeville, Pennsylvania