Misconceptions about LinkedIn, social-media stat comparisons, and surprising successes.
From TV, to movie theaters, to the gaming realm, second screen experiences have infiltrated all kinds of media.
It’s Screen Week on BTR! On today’s show, BTR’s resident Superman kid (and co-host of our movie podcast Restricted Audience Required) joins us to talk about the latest rumors about the upcoming Superman vs. Batman movie. And later, Molly Freeman is in the studio to talk more about her story available now on about the effect that Neilsen’s new Twitter TV ratings are having on your favorite shows.
What Neilsen’s incorporation of social media into TV ratings means for your favorite shows.
On the shocking tweets and looping chase-scene video that circulated the internet weeks ago amid the government shutdown – and the ongoing debates over the investigation that continue over a month later.
The debate over rape jokes was rekindled after tweets wishing rape on Emma Roberts surfaced in response to the premiere of American Horror Story.
The sixth season of True Blood just ended and I can safely say I have grown to hate the show, but for some reason I still watch it.
How DVDs changed cult movies at the turn of the century and how social media is changing the genre today.
Twitter and Google have released transparency reports in the past, but what does that mean in light of the NSA PRISM scandal?
#FBrape Campaign urged Facebook to include gender-based derogatory content in their definition of hate speech.
It’s Data Week on BTR! On today’s show, more with Kris Sanchez, the 21-year-old founder of Uber-Facts, a website specializing in especially useless knowledge. Later, Timothy Dillon talks with Matthew Beirbaum and Jesse Silverberg, two Cornell graduates in pursuit of the math behind mosh pits. And after the promotional air raid, we speak with Dr. Tobias Preis, a professor at the Warwick Business School who recently co-authored a study looking at whether Google searches can help predict the stock market.
The founder of a Twitter handle followed by over 4 million who are just looking for the facts of life.
Boston Marathon bombings prove the old media is going to get the story wrong but should we just get used to it?
Pies and Plots makes cinnamon ice cream — it’s vegan too!
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Susie Cagle on last Sunday’s climate change action, a rape apologist hashtag trends on twitter, and six members of the House who benefitted heavily from defense sector donations.
Everything you need to know about Chinese malware attacks and the escalation of cyber weapons on the internet.
In case you didn’t know it, viral videos are in.
What happens when misinformation goes viral?