This week we chat with Sarah Josey about tiny house living in Alaska.
This week we chat with BTRtoday's own contributing writer Brittany Tedesco about her upcoming trip to Egypt and her study abroad year in Australia!
This week we explore college tuition and education in different parts of the world!
This week we chat with the founder of Wear Your Voice about solo travel, and travel's influence on body positivity!
This week we explore the most remote places in the world, starting with east Antarctica!
This week we talk naked vacationing with Felicity Jones, co-founder of Young Naturists America!
This week we examine the #Viajosola movement; a Twitter trend where women tweet out their support for women traveling alone, after the public reaction to two tragic deaths.
This week we're chatting with Emma Higgins, the fantastic creator of the travel website and print magazine: Gotta Keep Movin.
This week we chat about 2016 travel trends and catch up with Rod Nightingale, who gives us the scoop on communities for traveling digital nomads!
This week we take a close look at how to use Instagram for travel with Jeremy Jones, creator of the travel blog Living The Dream.
This week we're it's travel story time with BTRtoday's own Zach Schepis, about mummies, moon raves, and mangos in Thailand.
This week I chat with writer Kate Evans, who authored the article "8 Steps To A Dream Life of World Travel," for Elephant Journal.
This week I give you 10 steps to staying positive when things go wrong on the road, then we chat with Carolyn, one of the two co-founders of The Lazy Travelers!
This week I'm revolutionizing the way you plan a trip in 10 EASY steps! Then we chat with Jake Wilding about Woofing through Canada!
This week we chat with Seth Kaplan of Airline Weekly about Delta's rise to airline fame and fortune!
This week we're getting a perspective on the world's shifting age demographics with the Executive Director for the Global Coalition On Aging, who says travel may help you live longer!
In honor of launch week I predict five locations that will be launching into popularity in 2016! Then we chat with the Travelling Weasels!
This week we catch up with the founder of Tripper, a fabulous travel blog with a focus on offbeat travel!
This week I give you my top five tips for finding low airline fares with the help of Airline Weekly's Seth Kaplan!
Happy 2016! This week we chat about cat poop coffee, Croatia, and lions with the amazing couple behind the travel blog Bruised Passports!