Khe-Yo, in TriBeCa, serves Laotian-inspired Southeast Asian cuisine. And it's downright delicious.
Learning what going beyond film can entail and bringing better awareness to the future of VR.
We discuss fully immersive storytelling, where the viewer no longer watches a story unfold, but is instead placed inside the scene with action taking place all around them.
We continue our discussion with Opeyemi Olukemi, the senior director at Tribeca Interactive, who helped to organize the New Media Fund in its inaugural year.
Trained in both the arts and sciences, Opeyemi constantly seeks to expand upon and integrate technology along various art mediums.
We look into the inspiring and innovative work of virtual reality in storytelling.
For all the weirdos out there, all the people who don’t quite fit inside any predetermined box, this week’s podcast is for you.
We talk about what to expect next week for the Tribeca Film Festival and review the eccentric new drama "The Lobster."