This week we review the new drama Almost Paris, directed by Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival!
The Click Effect is a mind-blowing VR experience that takes viewers on a live-action free-dive a hundred feet beneath the ocean surface to listen to the clicks and calls of dolphins and sperm whales.
Our third week of Tribeca Film Festival coverage brings us a review of the harrowing short film "Curve" and interviews with the cast and crew!
We look into the inspiring and innovative work of virtual reality in storytelling.
It's our second Tribeca featured film! We review the documentary "Bugs," which talks about the world of edible insects and interview the makers of the film to hear about what this strange future may hold.
Dozens of virtual reality leaders showcased their latest immersive experiences at the Tribeca Film Institute’s 2016 Interactive forum, and BTRtoday was there to put them to the test.
For all the weirdos out there, all the people who don’t quite fit inside any predetermined box, this week’s podcast is for you.
An interview with filmmaker Andreas Johnsen and his colleague, chef and researcher Roberto Flore, on their new documentary on the sustainable benefits of insect cuisine, BUGS.
Our first episode where we cover the Tribeca Film Festival! We review "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" and interview cast members Jessica Biel, Jason Sudeikus, Maisie Williams, and director Bill Purple.
This week we review the riveting British artificial intelligence flick "Ex Machina".