We review the terrifying new Austrian revenge horror thriller 'Goodnight Mommy' and provide a list of the best Autumn flicks
The Museum of Imaginary Musical Instruments displays musical fantasies, expanding what we think is possible. Some modern creative vibrations find themselves in film, where made-up instruments find a proxy to reality.
Ali Gharib joins us to discuss the historic Iran nuclear deal, the US military takes steps to allow trans people to serve openly, and a new report finds the American Psychological Association was complicit is facilitating torture during the Bush administration.
Jason Leopold joins us to discuss his latest stories on the CIA's internal torture report, Molly trolls herself with some exciting new thought-leaders, we finally deliver on the crap cannon, and listener mail.
Frontline's Michael Kirk joins us to discuss his new documentary on secrecy and torture, ISIS captures a key city in Iraq days after a US raid in Syria, and Obama will limit transfer of some military weapons to local police departments.