A follow up to last week's discussion of the Senate report on CIA torture practices.
Two new polls show broad support for torture among Americans, a protester is accused of violence on the Brooklyn Bridge, and historically all-women colleges review their gender policies regarding trans students.
CIA director John Brennan defended the agency and dodged questions about torture at a press conference, bringing black girls into the discussion about school discipline, and listener mail.
John Knefel of BTR's own Radio Dispatch talks about the recently released report documenting the CIA's torture methods.
Marcy Wheeler joins us to discuss the Senate Intelligence committee's torture report, and we spend the rest of the hour on the reports findings and implications.
New video evidence in the Tamir Rice shooting by police contradicts the official story, a UN panel excoriates US practices at Guantanamo and in domestic prisons, and comparing the X-Files to Homeland.
It's Makeshift Week here on BTR! On today's show, we're talking with Taino Native American percussionist William Ruiz about his experiences playing the 12-tongue log drum. Plus, a word with Jolie Kerr about her new book
Teachers respond to Time Magazine's anti-teacher cover, US officials engage in double speak at the UN convention against torture, and listener mail.
Sharda Sekaran on the recent marijuana referenda, the UN reviews the US record on torture, and the merits of inviting a member of the KKK on cable.
It's Cyber Week on BTR! On today's show, Charlie Smith of Great Fire talks about the work of his organization in exposing online censorship by Chinese authorities and complicit corporate media interests. And later, Cora Currier of The Intercept explains how governments are bypassing encryption techniques, largely viewed by technologists as the last line of defense for your online privacy.
Academics and early childhood education, more on the US's waffling on the convention against torture, and the listener mail just keeps coming.
Jason Leopold joins us to discuss the Senate Intelligence Committee's torture report, an update on the status of Guantanamo Bay, and listener mail about language.