top 30
Lisa Prank isn't taking anybody's shit in new album 'Perfect Love Song' and we love it!
Levitation Room storms the top with their trippy psych rock.
Getting spacey & sweet with the Allah-Las this week.
Shantih Shantih is bringing back doo-wop to rock 'n' roll.
Sweet sultry vocals are on top this week from Molly Sarlé.
(Sandy) Alex G slows things down with his melancholy indie tunes.
Surf Curse coming in strong with their dark indie vibes to creep you out and get you rockin'.
Esther Rose brings Americana to the list.
Jay Som brings the ultimate indie vibes to the top this week.
Versus getting you in the fall mood with their newest album.
Powerful yet soft female vocals reign this week.
Female vocals are taking the top of the list by storm this week.
Retro rockers Alex Little & The Suspicious Minds will get you in the mood—guaranteed.
Palehound coming in dark and sultry with her newest album.
SadGirl gives us a twinge of rockabilly in their rockin' new album 'Water' that's #1 this week.
Stef Chura gets emotional and rocks out to the top.
Divino Niño brings the trippy vibes and makes your soul feel the happiness it deserves.
French Vanilla takes the lead with their funky experimental rock 'n' roll dance party jams.
Listen to the thrasher indie of UK's Pip Blom.
Gemma bringing the pop and soul to BTR's usually rock heavy list—and we love it!
Looks like our favorite comes from '90s U.K. band Clinic this week—check 'em out!
This week Reptaliens takes the lead with their out-of-this-world music.
Barrie coming in hot with their emotional new album 'Happy To Be Here.'
Cosmonauts are currently on tour with The Dandy Warhols and they're taking our top spot.
Bibio's emotional new album 'Curls' takes the top spot.
The Mountain Goats are back and still killing it with their tragic indie rock.
The punk rock trio just came out with a new album and it's taken over our airwaves.
Patio rocks out to the top of our list this week with their new album, 'Essentials.'
The firey trio Ex Hex as taken over the top spot and are burning rock 'n' roll through your headphones.
The five-piece indie rockers have taken over BTRtoday this week—check them out!
The sweet & sultry sounds of sass queen Julian Jacklin are taking over this week.
The psychedelic rockers will bring you to a whole new world with their newest album 'Zam!'
Balthazar brings an edge to the top of BTR's charts.
Elder Island takes on the lead with their colorful new album 'The Omnitone Collection.'
Cass McCombs takes the lead with his powerful & emotional rockers.
Mariya May bringing a fresh air of bubbly indie to the top spot.
This week Tallies takes the lead with their debut self-titled album!
Mel Parsons takes over with her sultry and emotional vocals.
Foxwarren takes the #1 spot this week for their new self-titled album.
Jane Church's unique indie rock/pop steals the top spot this week with his new album 'Calimocho Molotov!'
Nehiyawak takes the top spot by storm with their new EP 'Starlight.'
Chicago's electro-indie Grapetooth has taken BTR's first top 30 in 2019.