[blip]video2[/blip] It’s A Bird!! It’s A Plane!!! It’s Chaz Mannenheim Talking About THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!!! A Hero We Can Count On, He Also Brings You Tales Of TOM CRUISE and the EURO CUP!!!! Perhaps You’re Unfamiliar With The Happenings Of The Month of JULY 2012... That’s Okay, He’s Got The Scoop!!! Bringing It To You Via Handsome Features And With Witty Commentary!!!! ENJOY!!!!
After five years of marriage, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have called it quits, bringing much speculation from the media about the role that Scientology may have played in their split. Since its inception in the 1950s, The Church of Scientology has often faced intense media scrutiny as one of the most controversial religious movements. This week on BTR Pulse Lauren Hawker asks people their thoughts about the Church.