What’s going on everyone!!! Are you all ready for this week? In work! In wisdom! In life! That’s ok, me neither… But today’s show is just the swift little ass-kick that will get you going 🙂 So find a nice warm spot to rest your butt for a bit and let’s do this~~~ ]glitch//idm[ -:ed:-
ok Ok OK. So this week’s show is on one! It’s weird, it’s different, it’s kind of noisey, and kind of SWEET! I’m assuming that it’s starting to get a little chilly where you are… so hopefully the genuine warmth that I’ll be projecting through the speakers will envelope you like a cloud of molten sunshine. Here we goooooooo! glitch//idm [-_`]ed[-_`]
Happy Summer y’all! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, getting in some bbq, some fireworks, some old time friend action… Well the show this week hopes to continue that vibe, but less celebratory and more chillabratory.
We are so back!!! What’s going on guys? The show is pretty on point this week, with smooth mixes and even smoother air breaks… We will discuss car troubles and the hottness of heat. Other than that, just kick back and chill out. This is the super slimey summer edition of the glitch.idm show!!! -ed-
Welcome Back!!! This week’s Glitch/IDM show is heavy on quick beats, and those emotional, catchy synthy melodies we all love. It will get a little weird at times, a little loud at others, but overall I think you can handle it 😉 So come along for another journey into world of wackyness and adventure… or something? This is the glitch//idm show!!! -ed