Siiiick show this week. It's Scarcity week, but there's certainly no shortage of ROCK MUSIC on this week's episode.
DJRePete’s at the controls kicking off your BTR Wednesday with alt via Bishop Allen and Ty Segall, electronica crossover with a bloc by Literature, and a reflective track by The History Of Apple Pie. Plus, if you’re downunder this month, DJRePete’s got you covered previewing a slew of shows across Australia including this weekend’s Festival of the Sun. And tune in for a sneak preview of his upcoming Best in Mix shows to close out 2014. That’s your BTR start with DJRePete!
Summer is over. The sun shaped pinata that was bashed over the weekend was my indicator. Let's keep warm with these tunes from Johnny Pacheco, Yasmine Hamdan, Tinariwen, and Thomas Mapfumo.
DJ Wynn flashes back to his first year putting together the Worldwide Hour with goldies from Tinariwen, Manu Dibango, Amadou & Mariam, Africando, and DJ Rekha.
DJRePete starts your BTR Wednesday high energy via The Trouble with Templeton. Also breakin’ thru, new rock alt by The Might Stef, blues with Jolie Holland, and psychedelic-ness with Moodoid. Plus, DJRePete hits up the range that is the Spider Bags Frozen Letter album, and tune in for info on a trio of festivals on both sides of the pond. That’s your Wednesday start on BTR!
DJ Wynn reveals another source of bringing worlds together besides pick-up basketball. Let's celebrate with global melodies from Lee Scratch Perry, Tinariwen, Juana Molina, and Johnny Pacheco.
Let's celebrate New Yorkers taking back outdoor space from the cold with tracks from Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou, Tinariwen, Skip & Die, and Les Bantous de la Capitale.
Prepare for Spring weather with music from around the world featuring Beth Carvalho, Lila Downs, Shugo Tokumaru, and Debo Band.
DJ Wynn explains how listening to music from the around the world and playing basketball helps bring people together. Listen to tracks from Tinariwen, Yasmine Hamdan, Thomas Mapfumo, and Johnny Pacheco.
DJ Wynn is gearing up for warm weather with this mix. Tune in for music from Alemayehu Eshete, Tinariwen, Yasmine Hamdan, and Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou.
Melt away the snow forever with this summery mix featuring music from Tinariwen, Amadou & Mariam, El Rego, and Manu Dibango.
Relationship talk with DJ Wynn and new music from Angel Olsen, Tinariwen, Young Fathers, and ceo.