Check out BTR's spoiler friendly podcast for our review of About Time, and romantic comedy that defies physics and delivers. We also have Third Eye Weekly host Matthew DeMello on the program to talk Romantic Comedies that he's not afraid to admit, he likes. All that, some chit chat, a few tracks and some old throwbacks to watch this weekend should have you all sorted out. Spoiler Alert!
Snowden's mastermind and songwriter, Jordan Jeffares, crafted the long-awaited followup to the critically-acclaimed debut LP, Anti-Anti, through touring and moving the project's home base multiple times, ultimately landing in Austin, TX. No One In Control demonstrates how the band's sound changed in these years, abandoning some of its early dance party vibe for a more developed, mature stance, producing sounds perhaps more appropriate for solitary enjoyment via headphones than on a dancefloor full of sweaty hipsters, thus carving out a niche beyond its initial influences.