Forty-percent of voters are registered independent, although the race still seems to be red and blue. For whom and why are we voting for and why should we care about third party candidates?
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Istvan is a member of the World Future Society, a volunteer Ambassador for The Seasteading Institute, an advisory board member of the India Future Society.
Internationally, Istvan has aimed to help foster other transhumanist organizations and has been active in humanitarian outreach programs.
As a third party candidate, Zoltan Istvan himself had funded nearly all of his campaign's expenses to date, however, and he noted donations were needed.
Third party presidential candidates are as old as elections themselves, but the money and organization required to run an effective campaign make it almost impossible to compete.
We will be investigating into the political complexity and myths of the Affordable Care Act, as well as learn about a third party candidate and the pricy game of running for US presidency.
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