It's Transparency Week on BTR! On today's show, we speak with Jim Garrison, head of Garrison Architects, whose Brooklyn firm installed new beach facilities for New York City's coastlines. And later, Hudai Yavalar is the founder of the Ataturk Society of America, an independent non-profit based in Washington, DC. In his interview with BTR's Tanya Silverman, Mr. Yavalar discusses the Turkish government's response to the ongoing protest movements in the country.
It's We're Watching You Week on BTR! On today's show, media critic and feminist writer Soroya Chemaly tells us more about the #FBRape campaign. But first, free culture activist Parker Higgins stops by to talk about the state-by-state fight over domestic surveillance drones. And later, James B. Jacobs of the NYU School of law gives his two cents on the Supreme Court's recent ruling giving police broad powers to collect a suspect's DNA.
BTR’s Matthew Demello and Jordan Reisman sat down with fitness guru and musician Cherie Lily and her husband, Andrew WK, a well-known musician and partier himself. The couple discussed their philosophies on life, partying, and fitness as well as their own relationship. Andrew WK’s recent selection to be a cultural ambassador for the US State Department –- which the department quashed before the gig even began -– was also explored.