Holidays are in the air today on BTR with DJRePete. Put down the classics and tune in for breakthru holiday tracks from Sufjan Stevens, The BellRays, and The Dismemberment Plan. Plus, check out an exclusive live cut of a Christmas track from Glass Ghost and the BTR Live Studio. And don’t miss an American treasure out of New Orleans: The Dukes of Dixieland with a holiday funk beat. Happy holidays from DJRePete and BTR!
Join DJRePete on Wednesday for an eclectic mix, including tracks from the new CSS album, violin-infused jazz from the likes of Zach Brock flowing into some R&B with a BellRays throwback, and an anthem set headlined by Alex Winston and the Yellowbirds. Plus, explore the depth and range that is the Heliotropes, and hit up a quartet of electronica crossover artist blocs. That’s Wendesday on BTR with DJRePete!