Another one in the books! The Thanksgiving books that is. We decided to give you a little taste of the after party with an awesome, and very British way of getting rid of all those left over mashed potatoes and veggies, called bubble and squeak. We also talked about how awesome Japanese milk bread is and how well it pairs with left over turkey and some onion jam to make the best turkey sandwich ever. Hanabi decided that all this colonial day of thanks business was for the birds so he hit up Groupon to snack additional savings on some Thanksgiving churrascaria
We review the incredibly awful horror/comedy 'Thankskilling' just in time for the holidays. Look out for killer turkeys!
If you're truly basking in post Thanksgiving laziness, stick to your classic leftover standards, like turkey sandwiches or soup. But if you want to get creative, try thinking a little outside the tupperware box! Here are a few innovative ideas for dealing with your full fridge!
John went to a surveillance conference for the third year straight, and listener mail about classroom management techniques.
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, BTR Pulse takes to the streets to ask people in New York what they are thankful for this year and how they will be celebrating.
All I want for Thanksgiving is Reggae and Peace!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Before you feast tomorrow, feast your ears right now on this weird meal! We’ve got lots of weird for you, including, you got it, Thanksgiving. For some sides, we’ve got new Cass McCombs, Breakfast, and of course, the gravy of New Weird America, Ducktails. Cool analogy, right? Listen today, and check out BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and SoundCloud, too!
There are so many things to love about Thanksgiving dinner, but here are a few of our favorites! BTR staffers tell you what they look forward to every year.
On Thanksgiving, it seems like everybody insists on hanging around the kitchen, offering to “help.” Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and relinquish just the tiniest bit of control. Dish and Drink's Rebecca Chodorkoff tells you how deal with having too many cooks in the kitchen.
Hanabi is all about Thanksgiving. It’s an opportunity to put on a great spread. Although the menu may be similar, a Thanksgiving feast is very specific to an individual family and most of us have eaten the same Thanksgiving dinner, as prepared by family members as long as we can remember, and we still crave those same dishes, prepared the exact same way every time. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, occasionally, we may not be able to sit down with our families and we have to go it alone. Hanabi finds himself in that boat this year. SO, he’s chosen to host his own orphans Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, there will be turkey. But, instead of a whole bird he’s going for a porchetta turkey breast. What the hell is that you ask? Porchetta is of course a pork roast that is stuffed with mixture or herbs, garlic and lemon zest. Basically it delicious. Hanabi us also making a brussels sprout gratin loaded with gruyere cheese. Hanabi is also making some macarons because why the hell not?
Today, we take a more expansive view of gluttony, not only of over-consumption of food, but also of technology, in this digital wave of devices.
It’s Weirdvember! Actually, it’s not, but there should totally be a national month to celebrate weirdness. Maybe the true weird move is to say that every month it’s weird month. Well, it’s at least weird hour here on BTR, and we’ve got some new tracks coming your way from Shigeto and Joanna Newsom, plus some old favorites from Death Vessel and These Are Powers. Remember that band? They were awesome. Check them out on today’s show!