This week I chat with indie rocker Brooks Hudgins & listen to his new album 'Drive Thru Communion.'
“It’s not about the fruit, it’s about the juice,” he says about his newest album.
The votes are still being counted, but some results are certain and others are likely. Plus music from Sam Burton and Ganga Lee.
"I don’t have a lot of fear of addressing whatever the hell I want," frontwoman Audrey Campbell says.
John Knefel comments on the rising number of coronavirus cases throughout the U.S. as states which have reopened must roll back their guidelines or change the way they are operating.
States that have reopened have now reclosed, and the absolute miss of pulling old movies and shows for racism rather than changing policy. photo courtesy of Charles E. Spirtos via Wikimedia Commons
There’s no room for kids in the coronavirus policies, and states continue to see record numbers of new cases. photo courtesy of Usernet123u via Wikimedia Commons
Though there are over 30K signatures on the petition, the festival is still very much on.
What reason do you need to dance other than the somewhat optimistic thought that things could be worse?