Sasha And The Valentines is a dream-pop band based in Austin, TX, whose debut full-length just dropped, full of sweet and hazy pop gems. Here, Sarah Addi (voice, keys, drum machine) is joined by JB Bergin on Violin in a perfect outdoor setting for this super sweet performance. So You Think You Found Love is available now from Oof Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Consuming whatever, wherever, and however they want is the only "freedom" most Americans deem worth fighting for.
States rushing to reopen now feels a bit like starting your end zone dance at the 20-yard line.
Plus movie reviews, artist and author interviews, minimum wage discussion, impeachment acquittal, and more.
Twitter tried figuring out if the Texas senator tried ducking to Mexico during his home state's massive energy crisis. Naturally, jokes ensued.
Geography doesn't dictate morality or intent. But some liberals are prone to reducing state populations to what color they voted for.