Sunset Botanica is a Brooklyn-based company which makes shrubs, bitters, and other cocktail components. To help get in the Halloween spirit, the owner of the company, Carlos Victoria, whips up an Agave Sunset, a tequila-based cocktail that includes some of his handcrafted ingredients. Here's how to make it: - 2 oz Silver Tequila - 1 oz Botanical Shrubs Mango Fury - 1 oz Lime - .5 oz Simple Syrup - Add Ice - Shake for 30 seconds - Top with Bitter Sunset Hibiscus Rose bitters Music featured in this episode: "Para Elisa" (Beethoven, Enrique Delgado) by Los Destellos
Happy Cinco De Mayo! Let's get drunk!
With a four-tiered, taco-centric food pyramid (complete with supplementary tequila suggestions), The Taco Cleanse promises to improve your mood, and subsequently your life, in as little a 24 hours.