Netflix and Hulu have given us everything we’ve ever dreamt of, and it’s killing us inside.
Bond Week – There are many ways to bond with those around you. Perhaps you share a love of TV or a love of coffee (or maybe a love of both). Here are the many ways in which BTR staffers bond with their friends and family.
Pop Week – It’s 2015, the age of the internet, and the average person has never experienced a better chance of being heard. With public platforms like Twitter,, Kickstarter and the like, the individual has arguably never been more empowered to impart change on the world, no matter the scale.
Fall Week – It used to be, television followed a regimented schedule: new seasons and series premiered in the fall, new episodes aired each week through the winter, finales marked the end of seasons in the spring, reruns were played during the summer. Now, although fall is still the time for premieres–this year, more than 120 series are returning or kicking off–it isn’t the only season for premieres.
Excess Week – Everyone has certain things we can’t get enough of. In honor of Excess Week here on BTR, some of the staffers disclose items, people, or pastimes that they love almost to the point of excess.
Buzz Week – Movie studios and television networks are looking to the past for inspiration, reviving or adapting old properties. But what of the current shows that viewers don’t want to see cancelled? Can buzz from a series’ fans help save them?
Reality Week – Reality television may have seemed like a preposterous idea when it first began–with shows like ‘The Real World,’ ‘Survivor,’ and ‘Big Brother’–but it has officially carved out its own spot in the weekly television schedule. Now, Lifetime’s ‘UnREAL’ manages to honor and critique reality television.
Netflix has made a few changes to its site, but how will they affect users? BTR examines the company’s plans and evaluates how this entertainment service’s model relates to that of competitors.
Relationship Week – Romantic comedies–movies wherein comedy is derived from the romantic plot–have long been successful on the big screen. Now, romantic comedies have hit television, to varying degrees of success.
Throwback Week – This summer, MTV will premiere a semi-remake of the classic ’90s horror movie ‘Scream’. However, rather than continue the story of the 1996 movie, the show will adapt and update the original plotline.
Fitness vloggers Karena and Katrina are helping women reach their summer goals in a healthy way. Focusing on mental health is just as important as fitness, which these trainers emphasize.
FOMO Week – For many of us, entertainment has become a major part of our lives, especially with the rise of online-streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. Here’s how we deal with the fear of missing out at it relates to entertainment and avoiding spoilers.
BTR looks at some of television and film’s most beloved nerds and geeks over the years. From Steve Urkel to Lisa Simpson to Daria, these nerdy characters have received iconic status.
In honor of the upcoming premiere of the series finale of ‘Mad Men’, the Museum of the Moving Image–nestled in the cozy NYC neighborhood of Astoria, Queens–installed an exhibit dedicated to the show. The exhibit focuses primarily on the attention to detail that goes into creating such a renowned series; its last season is set to air on Apr 5.
This week, The Hash covers ‘Fashion Police,’ ‘Looking,’ and ‘The Last Man on Earth.’
New Economy Week – Subscription services offered by Spotify, Apple, and HBO are changing the way consumers pay for media.
Outlier Week – Netflix is no longer the only service providing online-only original content.
Inspired Week – Fans of TV, movies, and books don’t always simply consume media–sometimes they inspire it.