This week we chat with IT and Marketing Specialist Paul O'Flaherty about how to market with social media!
This week we chat with IT & Marketing Specialist Paul O'Flaherty about how to market with social media!
Obstacle Week - Is social media an obstacle to memory?
Cyber Week - How states, schools, parents, and teenagers are dealing with bullying in the technological era.
Cyber Week - Filmmaker Josh Kim discusses his project, Google Glass Diaries.
The History of the Future in 100 Objects. You've probably seen a lot of these "History of .... in 100 Objects" books. they've become somewhat of a trend lately.  However, Adrian's is different. His book is essentially a kind of sci-fi thought experiment.
It's Anti-Social Week on BTR! On today's show, we’re talking with the minds behind two of the most provocative viral videos on the subject of how the Digital Age is doing more to keep us apart rather than bring us together.
Anti-Social Week - Rapper Prince Ea talks with BTR about his ideals and influences.
Future Week - The ancient Chinese eating utensil finds new digital powers of detection.
Future Week - Emerging AI technology prompts the question: Can robots have a soul?
Future Week - Even the coolest gadgets and latest innovations have their downfalls.
Whisk’s 3D printer gets crafty with biodegradable plastic cookie cutters.
Emotion Week - Emotionally cheating in a relationship may prove more destructive than a physical affair.
Germany's counterespionage strategy for NSA surveillance means going back to using typewriters.
Straight White Boys Texting (dot Tumblr dot com!) and the failure of all inclusive sex-positivity on the internet.
A look into the hypnotizing world of digital media and what it means to enter “the machine zone”.
From scanning your snack to operating a limb, these innovations may have a hand in shaping your future.
Google recently made headlines after announcing that they are planning to put their driverless cars to the test in California and lawmakers in the UK are already beginning to address a future that includes cars without human drivers. With driver error being one of the most common reasons for collisions in the United States, cars that drive themselves may soon be a welcome transportation alternative. This week on BTR Pulse, Sarah Fraser asks people if they would ever ride in a driverless car.
The Kinect may suck as a gaming device, but the internet has found many other uses for it.
3D printing technology can create 2,500 square foot homes in 24 hours.
In the Wild West of cryptocurrencies, "alternative" internets and new competition strives to eschew the dollar bill.
Cyber crime fighter Brandon Gregg tells you how to protect yourself against anonymous hacking.
It's Obsolete Week at BTR, so we've been focusing on things that are no longer useful or will be phased out due to technological advancements. BTR Pulse’s Sarah Fraser hits the streets to ask people what they think will soon be obsolete.
The use of obsolete technology as decoration.
The durability and reliability of our bygone technology products.
Let's listen to some of the best music on BTR, shall we?
With a reported 1.6 million car accidents caused a year by cellphone-distracted drivers, have we really improved safety?