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Wearable tech is the future of fashion, and the past two years have seen a boom of crossover developments in the industry. But one major criticism of most offerings has been the lack of aesthetic appeal in favor of technical functionality. Enter today’s guest with a truly elegant solution: Deepa Sood, founder of Cuff, a new line of “smart jewelry.” The multi-functional Cuff acts as security, notification, and “a touch of magic,” all wrapped discreetly in a selection of stylish, versatile bracelet or necklace designs. On today’s show, Deepa will share the story of her journey from a law office to product design at Restoration Hardware, and then to the helm of Cuff; the unique features that Cuff pieces offer consumers; future prospects for Cuff’s innovative technology, and more. Plus, I’ve got a great playlist of country/folk tracks for you today, including the latest from Toronto’s Elliott Brood and Vancouver singer-songwriter T. Nile. So join us for a glimpse into the future of fashion, today on BTR!
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