Synergy Week – Some predict that robophilia is the way of the future, while others argue against the ethics of sex robots. It’s hard to say for certain what year the practice could, should, or would eventually settle into society’s status quo--or by what terms tomorrow’s haters will bash it.
Mystery Week - In Sulawesi, Indonesia, researcher Jacob Esselstyn found something quite curious in his trap. A furry rodent possessed a pink snout resembling that of a hog; underneath, its lower incisor teeth were remarkably lengthy.
Mystery Week - It seems that for as much as we know, there is even more that we do not. Scientists may have discovered water on Mars, but is there life? We know there’s life on Earth, but how did it originate?
Fear Week - There are as many fears as there are people in the world--in fact, it may be fair to say there are even more fears than individuals since each person can be afraid of more than one thing. In honor of discussing our fears, some BTR staff members have faced their phobias to explain where they come from or why they feel such fright.
The monthly CatLadyBox comes curated with an assortment of feline-themed commodities like jewelry, accessories, makeup, books, and other kitty-cat knick-knacks.
Bond Week - Anti-panda animosity looms amongst individuals critical of conservation efforts. While some argue that pandas exhibit poor dietary and sexual practices, others claim that the creatures are largely misunderstood.
Hanji, traditional Korean paper made from mulberry bark, is a centuries-old material. Last week, several experts discussed the ways in which the paper can be utilized.
Boston-based artist Jenine Shereos chats about knitting hair into leaf shapes. Auburn strands intricately tie into an outline of an autumnal oak leaf, while a series of maple renditions appear to have been sourced from the scalp of a brunette.
Mobile Week - Institutes and individuals embrace digitization for cultural preservation. Libraries and museums have evolved with the times, as have artists.
Mobile Week – As of last year, 90 percent of American adults were cell phone owners, according to Pew Research Center. Here is how we at BTR perceive this omnipresent technology.
Pop Week - Many figures in pop culture are incredibly popular for a reason. That said, we at BTR will unveil the reasons we admire our particular favorites so dearly.
Irish visual artist Eimearjean McCormack works with various media, including silkscreen printing, alternative photographic techniques, and innovative hybrids of such methods. She is currently earning an Master’s in graphic design.
Stress Week - Those who enjoy the challenges of NYC may argue that the competition is beneficial for betterment and that the rewards are ultimately worth the struggle. Here’s how we handle the stress in our own lives.
Fall Week – Autumn’s almost officially arrived, so many of us should be pleased. A survey showed that 29 percent of Americans found fall to be their favorite season.
Fall Week - With the drop in temperature, vibrant visual schemes of leaves changing to various shades across the red, yellow, and orange spectrum, plus the absence of mosquitoes, what’s not to love about fall hiking?
Open Week – Neighbors have become less neighborly throughout the years, and they often don’t know each other’s names. What do such trends indicate about contemporary American society?
Labor Week – Driverless rail systems and line extensions have been installed in several cities, and there are more in the works. BTR looks at the perception and expansion of this technological evolution.
With Labor Day just a couple days away, a barbecue may be planned during your long weekend. For an alternative approach to the standard fest of meats, Tanya Silverman and Veronica Chavez share some vegan words of advice.
Work can be draining; learning can be strenuous. How can you get through these feats efficiently and effectively? BTR staffers have experimented with several strategies, and can profess what works best.
Surface Week – Brooklyn has become a brand name around the country and the world. How much of Brooklyn’s reputation is real and how much of it is hype?
Canadian visual sociologist Kyler Zeleny has amassed thousands of Polaroid photographs. Over 100 of them are displayed online, and the public is welcome to submit collecting flash-fiction submissions about the photographed people.
BTR staffers discuss the best natural surfaces we’ve come across in our travels, from hiking the soils of a volcano's slope in Costa Rica, to snowboarding down sandy dunes in Colorado, or touring the scenic American West.
School Week - While teachers are necessary for many lessons, there are some skills we can learn alone. We at BTR have taught ourselves how to play the sitar, sew, and stir fry.
At this point in time, the stereotype that food on college campuses is a joke still holds up for many. Tons of schools are serving mass-produced food to their students, and plenty of these same colleges and universities even offer fast food from chains like Dunkin' Donuts and Wendy’s.
College is not the time for designing a sophisticated domestic setting. Therefore, it’s best to be discerning of what not to pack for school. From your favorite books to toasters, BTR staffers have rounded up the best items to leave behind.
School Week - Princeton Review dropped its book 'The Best 380 Colleges' yet again for 2016. BTR staffers take a look at their alma maters’ rankings, both good and bad, and take a walk down memory lane.
Excess Week – As much as you love your partner and want to wake up next to each other every day, that doesn’t mean you necessarily love all of that person’s stuff, or care to have it cluttered all over your own. When moving in with a significant other, it helps to organize correctly.
The Center for Genomic Gastronomy came up with the concept of smog meringues in Bangalore, India. They have since collaborated with others to make desserts that sample different air pollution.
Happiness Week - Because of the hard work of curious, committed scientists, humanity can now better understand the behaviors and emotional states of the animals our species has domesticated, and even how they employ certain practices upon us.
Om Cafe in Ferndale, Michigan, is a long-standing meatless restaurant with plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans. Tanya Silverman returned there for a second time when she was visiting the Detroit area.
Artist Greg Fadell was bored by traditions of art history, so he altered inkjet prints and posters of iconic works by brushing them with chemical solvents. His work is on display at MOCAD in Michigan.
Happiness Week – How do we stay happy? BTR staffers spell out the strategies we use in our daily lives, including painting nails, hiking the forest pats, finding neighborhood cats, or translating our feelings of felicity into words.
Buzz Week – Buzzwords seem to be a widely acknowledged component of the business and corporate world--and there is a myriad of them. Like slang terms, buzzwords go in and out of style and can reflect the times that they are coined.
Highbridge Park recently reopened to the public, allowing pedestrians to stroll from northern Manhattan into the South Bronx. BTR stopped by this spot on a sultry summer day to walk across the High Bridge (of the greater park’s namesake). The height of the structure offered a fine vantage point to observe the Hudson River and various highway ramps underneath. Inland, there was also some public art installed along the Manhattan esplanade, a series of sculptures titled 'Oh Sit! 14 Sculptors Consider the Chair.'
PHOTOBLOG: This summer, BTR staffers traveled all around the tri-state area as well as to other parts of the USA and the world. Tanya Silverman traveled to Detroit where she visited the Henry Ford Museum and the Belle Isle Conservancy. Ashley Rodriguez journeyed out West to see Mt Hood in Oregon and outdoor chess in Seattle, while Kenneth Miller cruised to Bermuda.
Reality Week - We at BTR have made the effort to experience locations like the Jersey shore’s Shore Store to New Orleans’ Cafe du Monde, both on screen and off. What were these places like in real life as opposed to on TV or in movies? Read to find out.
Birthday Week – Whether or not you care to check up on your astrological readings, a separate, scientific factor may influence you to pay attention to the patterns related to your birth month. It’s disease. A recent study by Columbia University scientists looked into such correlations.
For those of you who drank a little too much yesterday and woke up feeling completely out of commission, we're here for you. We know what it's like and we're sharing our personal experiences and our favorite cures for the common hangover.
Made in the USA Week - The most American of the American cities is now determined for 2015: Indianapolis, Indiana. But in case you were shopping for a house with the intent of paying the most median price on the real estate market, you should search around New Orleans, LA.
Leon Borensztein’s black-and-white photographs capture members of the working class from 1979 to 1989. The project touches on the yearning for and reality of the American Dream.
Made in the USA Week - This country is a veritable patchwork of contrasting geography and people, and whether you’re just visiting or you call it home, the only way to really conceptualize the stark cultural differences across each of our 50 states is to witness them in person.
Made in the USA Week - Aspects of American culture, nature, and cuisine make our country truly unique. We're proud to be American for many reasons, be it iconic photographs, jazz music, tater tots, or vast landscapes.
Fan Week – Watching online cat media is actually good for humans, so stop your incessant scoffing. A recent study proved that people who watch online cats videos experience bursts of energy and positivity, plus exhibit fewer negative emotions after seeing clips.
Anyone who cooks as often as some of us here at BTR will find it pretty simple to conjure up images of their most prized kitchen possession. You know exactly what we mean if you fit into this category, too. For us, the essentials range from a simple knife to a celebrity-signed container.
Relationship Week - Research has highlighted time and time again that our clothing choices are deeply intertwined with our self-perception and personality. BTR staffers weigh in on the outfits that make them feel the most confident.
Rain Week - Acid rain causes long-term effects, such as the jellification of Canadian lakes. While the pH level is largely recovered in many of these bodies of water, ecological changes will persist.
Rainworks is a Seattle project operated by Peregrine Church and his comrades where they take super hydrophobic coating and spray it through stencils of messages and art around the city's sidewalks.
Rain Week - With more and more modern technology--television, internet, radio, internet radio, smartphones, and apps--there are numerous ways of getting the weather report for the day before venturing outside. BTR staffers chime in on how they get their weather reports.
Throwback Week - Extinct means dead, gone forever. Or does it? Scientists of the de-extinction movement work to revitalize lost species, while others research the evolution links between extinct animals living ones.
Vacation Week - Quirky and kitschy roadside attractions are key to a fun trip. From Paul Bunyan and Babe in California to the World's Largest Catsup Bottle in Illinois, there are plenty of strange sites to see.
Vacation Week here on BTR brings commentary on the food culture in both Israel and Vietnam. Dish + Drink covers grub from vegetarian fare at open-air markets in Dalat to breakfast in Tel Aviv.
Vacation Week - We long to get away from our confining routines. Instead of sulking about feeling trapped, we should instead try to find ways to take mini-vacations in the places we live.
Vacation Week – Should you travel with your partner? Where should you go? BTR staffers offer advice on how couples can take vacations.
Blacklist Week - The Hollywood Blacklist may seem like an abstract, distant concept in this day and age. How can we interpret this dark period of the entertainment industry's today?
The gluten-free diet has changed the way we view food. Going gluten-free evidently has profound effects on famous works of art.
BTR took its talents to the biannual foodie haven that is the Mad. Sq. Eats pop-up here in NYC where we tasted everything from beer to ice cream sandwiches to tuna hand rolls.
The Museum of the City of New York’s ‘Everything is Design’ showcases a display of Paul Rand’s graphic work. Visitors can also learn about Rand’s personal history and design philosophy.
FOMO Week - Facing regrets seems so easy nowadays--especially since the feeling arises so immediately. Some pscyhologists see FOMO as a type of regret and suggest taking breaks from social media if necessary.
FOMO Week - FOMO prevails in our daily lives. We miss out and it causes us to feel jealous, envious, or regretful. Alas, there are many ways to fight and get over the feeling.
In the spirit of FOMO Week, the BTR Editorial team discusses our favorite spots to grab a cup of joe both in and out of New York. From Manhattan to Brooklyn and Massachusetts to Germany, we've included the places we love most.
BTR stopped by the new Whitney Museum in NYC’s Meatpacking District and listened to architect Renzo Piano's insight. 'America Is Hard to See' proved to be quite a diverse opening exhibit.
Humidity affects a number of factors in our daily existence: our environments, our health, our mood, our hair. Professional bakers talk to Dish + Drink about the ways in which humidity affects their trade.
Dish + Drink goes to Prague in the Czech Republic and tries out LoVeg, a local vegetarian spot in Lesser Town that serves traditional Czech food with a healthier, meatless flair.
Care Week – Convinced your country cat is a die-hard folk fan? Or maybe you deem your spritely kitten more as a punk rocker? Well, as close as you are with your beloved feline friends, there’s something about their actual musical taste you may not realize.
Monitoring Week - Oregon’s Mt Hood is revered for many reasons. But beyond all of the natural beauty, athletic endeavors, and cultural references, there is a grave geologic factor that must be acknowledged about Mt Hood: it is an active stratovolcano.
Springtime is a fickle season for New York City. Perhaps the best resolution to restlessness, then, is to venture a venue that fosters warm weather--even tropical conditions, full of lush flora. An escape is found at the 'The Orchid Show' at the New York Botanical Gardens.
It's that time of year: Girl Scout cookies are back! Here are our favorites.
The Editorial Staff picks their favorite bars around the globe.
Adventure Week – Old and antique travel books illustrate adventurous histories.
BTR staffers pick their favorite bars worldwide.
New Economy Week - Corporate personhood may sound absurd, but do we perceive corporations as people?
Secret Week - The logistics, practicalities, and limitations of the Tor web browser.
Secret Week - Think first class is fancy? Well, there's a hush-hush way to fly.
Jordan Buschur works with themes to paint books, donate to causes, and curate exhibits.
Don’t just take away meat, add new proteins.
Hacking Week – Public officials and Silicon Valley battle over customers’ encryption rights.
PHOTOBLOG: New York's puppy population is rockin' outerwear this winter.
Cathy Kaufman chats about New York Culinary Historians’ functions.
Selfie Week - Adam Alter shares insight on how humans perceive red.
‘The Selfie and Others’ on Manhattan’s Upper East Side features digital photos amongst other portraits.
NYC Museums ban the selfie stick, a new rule for a new device.
Dish + Drink asks the Editorial Staff how they feel about spicy food and roller coasters.
Outlier Week - Manhattan’s last natural forest stands at Inwood Hill Park.
French artist Benoit Jammes captures the kitchen as a skate park.
‘Subtext’ captures the beauty beneath removed subway ads.
Chatting with Maia Cruz about the tunnels in the Philippines, paintings, and photos.
Millennials Week - Social security can kiss my ass, I’m gonna see the world.
James Ostrer’s ‘Wotsit All About' series explicitly displays modern society's relations to snacks.
Inspired Week – A study highlights the importance of face-to-face contact when addressing gay rights.
BTR's DJ Linus Wyrsch chats about the Jazz Hole and how to break into the NYC scene.
PHOTOBLOG: BTR gets a dose of winter from snoozy cats to snowy mountain tops.
A London-based filmmaker and photographer compiled his photographs of lost feline posters.