Guapa by Saleem Haddad   Set over the course of twenty-four hours, Guapa follows Rasa, a gay man living in an unnamed Arab country, as he tries to carve out a life for himself in the midst of political and social upheaval. Rasa spends his days translating for Western journalists and pining for the nights when he can sneak his lover, Taymour, into his room. One night Rasa's grandmother — the woman who raised him — catches them in bed together. The following day Rasa is consumed by the search for his best friend Maj, a fiery activist and drag queen star of the underground bar, Guapa, who has been arrested by the police. Ashamed to go home and face his grandmother, and reeling from the potential loss of the three most important people in his life, Rasa roams the city’s slums and prisons, the lavish weddings of the country’s elite, and the bars where outcasts and intellectuals drink to a long-lost revolution. Each new encounter leads him closer to confronting his own identity, as he revisits his childhood and probes the secrets that haunt his family. As Rasa confronts the simultaneous collapse of political hope and his closest personal relationships, he is forced to discover the roots of his alienation and try to re-emerge into a society that may never accept him.
Is America ready for a female president? Hell no, but we’re gonna be.
Ruth Maramis is the founder of FlixChatter, a movie review blog that gives in depth, honest reviews while at the same time managing to sound intelligent and put together. I think we can all agree that the internet is chalk full of people spewing their feelings left and right (myself included) so it’s nice to see people express opinions without all the vitriol. Ruth is also a staff blogger at the Twin Cities Film Fest and she’s currently working on her first screenplay. 00:00 Mic Break 00:34 Along The Way - Adan & Xavi y Los Imanes 04:21 Fuera El Dolor - Adan & Xavi y Los Imanes 06:58 Intro 07:34 I’m Not The One - Adan & Xavi y Los Imanes 11:23 Finalidad - Adan & Xavi y Los Imanes 14:52 Flix Chatter - Ruth 24:58 West Coast - Hey Marseilles 28:35 Another Life - Hey Marseilles 31:44 Flix Chatter - Ruth 40:09 Fresh Faced Claire - Carter Tanton 43:12 Poison In The Dart - Carter Tanton 46:04 Send Off 46:16 The Dressmaker’s Girl - Carter Tanton 51:24 Diamonds In The Mine - Carter Tanton 56:30 Finish Courtesy of FlixChatter Courtesy of FlixChatter
Homeless people should not be punished or demonized for expressing their sexuality.
Talking about death before a terminal diagnosis--certainly while you’re still breathing--is more critical now than ever, as people prepare for the embarrassing realities of aging “ungracefully.”
FakeScience is a "less than factual guide to our amazing world." It’s a hilarious spoof on how easily “science” gets bandied about on the internet, with “facts” being less than relevant.
Classic cliques are increasingly superficial and transient sorting mechanisms compared to the true definers: race and class.
Today we’re sitting down in the studio with Jenavieve Hatch, a blogger who has written for numerous platforms and currently writes for HuffPost Women. She’s got a flare for writing in a down-to-earth feminist style that speaks to young women across the internet. 00:00 Mic Break 00:42 Faraway Eyes - Aloha 05:44 Ocean Street - Aloha 09:38 Intro 10:00 Moon Man - Aloha 14:35 Flight Risk - Aloha 18:56 Jenavieve Hatch – Jenavieve Hatch 21:04 I Have Been To The Mountain - Kevin Morby 24:18 Singing Saw - Kevin Morby 31:36 Jenavieve Hatch – Jenavieve Hatch 43:02 Drunk and On a Star - Kevin Morby 47:21 Dorothy - Kevin Morby 52:30 Send Off 52:48 Secret Police - Kiran Leonard 55:20 Pink Fruit - Kiran Leonard 71:36 Finish Courtesy of Jenavieve Hatch Courtesy of Jenavieve Hatch Courtesy of Jenavieve Hatch
We talk to Montana State Senator Mike Phillips about devoting half the planet to wildlife.
Despite lingering optimism in what America represents for freedom and self-government, it seems we have outgrown our form of representative democracy.
We’re talking to Luvvie, a writer, speaker, digital strategist, and founder of Awesomely Luvvie, a blog about pop culture, politics, race, media, humor, and anything else she fancies. 00:00 Mic Break 00:43 Running Around - Pretty City 03:11 Second Hand Clothes - Pretty City 05:56 Intro 06:12 Fun Machine - Pretty City 11:15 Ignoring My Friends - Pretty City 14:19 Awesomely Luvvie - Luvvie 21:36 Together Again - The Love Dimension 24:34 When Soul Love Begins - The Love Dimension 27:22 Awesomely Luvvie - Luvvie 40:13 Surf Heart - The Love Dimension 43:05 Get Real Wild - The Love Dimension 45:36 Send Off 45:52 In The Valley - No One Mind 47:57 Island of House - No One Mind 50:16 Finish Courtesy of Awesomely Luvvie Courtesy of Awesomely Luvvie
We explore a study that demonstrates believing in innate sexual differences is a predictor of sexist attitudes, whether hostile or benevolent.
Whether or not these speaking patterns are as common to women as people believe, they are not unique to women. Yet people are only hyper-aware of the way women talk, not men. Women are heard for how they speak; men are heard for what they say.
Haylin’s frank take on the divine is a breath of fresh air. In her witchcraft newsletter she gives advice on room cleaning and organization, mental clarity, and maintaining emotional well-being, all with a very personal take on new-age practices.
Society repeatedly leaves bisexuality out of conversations surrounding human sexuality, often going to absurd lengths to rationalize people into the dichotomy of gay and straight.
Yoga and wellness tourists by no means get a free pass to do whatever, whenever, in the name of spiritual wellbeing.
Katrina Day is a New York based actress, writer, and director. She founded Lady Parts, where she posts hilariously sexist casting calls, after seeing one too many casting calls that go something like the recent Quentin Tarantino email seeking "whores."
The road to good sex is paved with bad sex. Or at least sex that is not the phenomenal stuff of every Nicholas Sparks and Woody Allen movie ever. Sex that, according to conventional social definitions, is lackluster.
BeAnotherLab is a collective of artists, programmers, neuroscientists, and social activists that uses VR technology to investigate human empathy.
Space is amazing and so is the Spacewriter! She's an award winning science writer with 6 books and 40 documentary scripts to her name. She is also a science outreach consultant, working with various institutions as a science writer and technical editor for all things relating to astronomy and astrophysics.
We are raised with a sense of entitlement to the stuff of the American Dream, regardless of how sustainable it is—or isn’t.
Today we’re getting’ witty with Mad Kane, founder and writer of Mad Kane’s Humor Blog and Mad Kane’s Political Madness.
Traveling solo is particularly important for women, if they have the means and opportunity. It’s also unsurprisingly complicated by gender, though by no means is it irrevocably ruined.
The Spanish town of Palomares has a grave history from deadly American explosives that once littered the region, but how and why has this been erased from mainstream history?
By offering significantly greater fuel efficiency on top of eliminating numerous health hazards associated with hydrazine, this new space fuel explodes the possibilities for scientific exploration.
The palpable excitement with Breakthrough Starshot comes from our enduring fascination with extraterrestrial intelligence.
If democracy is about protecting the minority, it should go without saying that the minority should not have to edit itself for fear of the government’s ear.
The danger of Trump is not limited to his views on reproductive policy, his sexist narcissism bleeds out to create a hostile environment surrounding his campaign.
Composting takes the dead body and produces something beautiful. Moreover, it does so without wasting precious resources and space.
To suppress the outbreak, economically impoverished communities require access to basic infrastructure like clean, running water, proper sewage disposal, and seemingly simple things like air conditioning and screen doors.
Despite the push by conservation groups to halt international trading, polar bear hunting is a traditional and necessary step in curbing the population to make Inuit communities safe.
We have sex toy shops and sex education classes, pharmacies and OB/GYNs, but we don’t have a place that acknowledges the intersection of all four.
Women are taught to be the caretakers of creators, not creators themselves. Changing the status quo means changing what we expect of young women. It means expecting action.