The DOJ opens an investigation into a school officer’s assault of a young black woman in a South Carolina high school, SXSW succumbs to a heckler’s veto, the Senate passes CISA, and listener mail.
The Thursday Mix for October 22, 2015 kicks off with Son Little’s first full-length album via Anti Records. We did a session with him this past March during SXSW. You can find the link in my playlist. You’ll also hear from Claptone, Alix Williams, Sego and more! Stay tuned.
Zydeco Radio is a fresh, young zydeco jam band based out of Lafayette, Louisiana. The guys kept the backyard at our BTRHouse hot while in Austin for SXSW earlier this spring and here we present their full performance of “Shelley Shelley.”
Fred Thomas is a well-known, well-loved songwriter from the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area of Michigan. Though he’s certainly gotten around in the music world, his work as the mastermind of weirdo-pop band Saturday Looks Good To Me is perhaps the best known. Here, we present the story-based “Bad Blood” off his latest album from Polyvinyl, All Are Saved, which he performed for a special session of BTR Live Studio at the BTRhouse in Austin, Texas, while in town for SXSW.
Australian hip hop artists Remi & Sensible J perform live from our front porch during SXSW 2015!
Cajun band Zydeco Radio joins us for a very special Live Studio broadcast, recorded in our backyard during SXSW 2015!
Zydeco Radio is a fresh, young zydeco jam band led by Billy Mack (McDonald) on accordion and vocals and based out of Lafayette, Louisiana. Here, Billy and guitarist Bob Brahan are joined by talented pinch-hitters: Lane Mack on guitar, who happens to be Billy’s brother as well as a talented songwriter in his own right; and Hunter Romero, who is the Macks’ cousin, on washboard. The group didn’t miss a beat and kept the music hot in the backyard of the BTRhouse in Austin during SXSW!
Orenda Fink was once the voice of Azure Ray, among other projects — we loved that Art In Manila record, for example. These days, the critically-acclaimed singer and songwriter once based in Birmingham, Alabama, is a fixture Omaha, Nebraska, where her label, Saddle Creek, is based. Currently performing her own music under her own name — and it certainly stands on its own that way — Orenda is joined here and on tour by her husband, Todd Fink (of labelmates The Faint), for an intimate session in the backyard of the BTRhouse in Austin during SXSW.
Fred Thomas performs songs from his new album “All Are Saved” live from the BTR house in Austin, TX!
Fred Thomas is a well-known, well-loved songwriter from the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area of Michigan. Though he’s certainly gotten around in the music world, his work as the mastermind of weirdo-pop band Saturday Looks Good To Me is perhaps the best known. In addition to relentlessly writing and performing, he’s a tireless supporter of his local music scene, runs labels, and cranks out perfectly idiosyncratic and compelling tunes. Solo and under his own name, he dropped by the BTRhouse backyard in Austin to sing some tuneful tales and chat about his work.
The Last Bison is a folk-pop ensemble from Chesapeake, Virginia. At core, they’re driven by the songwriting of Ben Hardesty, supported by a mix of family and friends filling out the group’s music. With the recent addition of more electric instruments to their arsenal, as well as a return to the independent realm after a brush with the major label world, they continue to make lush, inspiring music. The group stopped by the BTRhouse in Austin for this moving performance featuring songs from their recent release, VA.
Our SXSW porch sessions continue with today’s amazing performance from Jamaican band Kabaka Pyramid!
Kabaka Pyramid — aka Keron Salmon of Kingston, Jamaica’s — is a talented reggae musician and producer who draws heavily on his time as a rapper in the underground music scene. Kabaka, whose name references his desire for longevity in music and deep connection to Kemetic roots, aims for a higher consciousness and spirituality in his music, with the goal of steering future generations towards harmony and unity. The group stopped by the BTRhouse in Austin on a rainy morning to share some special, acoustic renditions of their songs on our front porch.
Summer Heart performs live from the BTR House in Austin, TX. Recorded during SXSW 2015!
Swedish duo Summer Heart are one of those bands where their name tells you exactly what they sound like. They make sunny, nostalgic, catchy, dreamy, dancy, hazy pop songs that evoke memories of… well, perhaps a summer romance — perfect to put on a mix put together for a new crush. The guys stopped by the BTRhouse in Austin during a wild week of SXSW shows and parties for this intimate backyard session.
Our special SXSW 2015 BTR House sessions begin today with this exclusive performance and interview from Son Little.
Class Week – A man in Paraguay works with children and transforms garbage into musical instruments.
Our team kicked off a week of great stripped-down sessions in Austin during SXSW with the one and only Aaron Earl Livingston, aka Son Little. Using familiar blues-leaning licks and his remarkable soft and gritty vocals (think along the lines of Stevie Wonder) to sing his tales of love, loss, and life, Son Little has already seen and written so much, having collaborated with the likes of The Roots and RJD2 on various projects. He stopped by the BTRhouse to share some tunes and to chat with Maia.
BTRtv checks out the Austin foodie scene and reports back in this special D+D.
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
Mother Falcon, a group of young, classically trained musicians based in Austin, have a very unique take on music. Beginning as a jam session among a group of high school cellists looking to explore other genres, the massive band also incorporates violins, cellos, saxophones, and trumpet, piano, accordion, banjo, and bassoon to blend rock, jazz, and hip hop rhythms with lush vocal arrangements to craft their orchestral rock. In addition to entertaining audiences with their own impressive display of talent, they launched Music Laboratory, a summer camp for middle and high school orchestra students. The large band crammed themselves into the backyard at the BTRhouse for a very special session.
Today we’re featuring some Live Studio alums who are performing at this years SXSW Festival!
During the 2014 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, the BTR Live Studio team set up shop at a lovely house on the East Side and invited bands to play music and chat in the backyard. Southern Tier Brewing Company provided beverages and the fine Austin weather did the rest. K Ishibashi (aka Kishi Bashi) has racked up quite a musical resume over the past few years. From his NYC synth rock band, Jupiter One, to collaborations with of Montreal, Regina Spektor, and Sondre Lerche, this singer/violinist/composer continues to stretch his sonic palette — originally developed as a solo project with complex live loops, Kishi Bashi has filled out his show with a full band. Here, they perform an intimate session at the BTRhouse as a trio that includes Mike Savino from Tall Tall Trees.
On March 15, 2014, BTR threw a free, unofficial day party during the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas. Held at The Liberty — a great East Side watering hole with a huge outdoor area, including a bar and the East Side King food truck — we hosted a fun-filled day with music from Clouder, The So So Glos, Gringo Star, Diane Coffee, Milagres, Zorch, and Marijuana Deathsquads. Our friends at Southern Tier Brewing Company provided complimentary beers for our guests.
Live from Nashville — on tour right now with Keaton Simons! Plus news and artists this week from The Peach Music Festival and Lock’n Festival.