This week's Sunday Brunch is all about the perfect pumpkin bread.
Bake some red, white, and blue cookies this holiday weekend.
Erik Paparazzi has been recording and touring in various incarnations of The Paparazzi since way back. His heroes are the underdogs of pop like Harry Nilsson, Nick Lowe, Todd Rundgren, Lee Hazelwood, Brian Wilson, and all the other musical visionaries who can get down with happy accidents, soul power, and the lushness of it all. And his experiences performing with the likes of Cat Power, Dirty Delta Blues, and other notable acts informs his powerful solo work. Here, he catches up with Travis, talks about his work, and offers a rousing interpretation of a perhaps-familiar commercial.
Supercute! is a an all-girl band from Brooklyn who definitely live up to their name. Founded by 19-year old singer Rachel Trachtenburg -- whose musical roots go back to playing drums in The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players at age 6 -- and joined by bandmate Julia Cumming, this duo is currently prepping their debut album, produced by British songwriter Kate Nash. Here, the girls are joined by friends to complete the super cuteness, just before they head out on tour.