Take one last look at brunch this year with 10 of Dish + Drink's best in 2014.
Celebrate Hanukkah with this brunch recipe that uses leftover latkes.
Eggnog is a defining component of every holiday season. Learn to make it yourself.
Bourbon, tea, orange, and cinnamon come together in this spin on a classic.
Smoked salmon, avocado, and poached eggs come together in this brunch recipe.
Deluxe is the perfect spot for a low key Sunday Brunch in Manhattan.
After this wintry spin on a classic, brunch will never be the same.
Who says mashed potatoes don't pair well with eggs?
Serve these soft and juicy pears over waffles or pancakes.
French Roast Uptown is a diner-meets-French cafe situated on Manhattan's Upper West Side.
This light and fruity cocktail certainly rivals the darker ones served in autumn.
This brunch spot is likely amongst the best bang for your buck in NYC.
This gluten-free quiche is perfect for fall brunches.
Celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month and tie one on with a bold spin on a classic brunch cocktail.
Get healthy with this egg white-only brunch frittata.
Avocado, eggs, and zavory pepper come together in this refreshing take on potato hash.
Serve up sweet and dense bread pudding this brunch.
Mustard and cream cheese separate these deviled eggs from the brunch bunch.
Caramelized onions, chicken sausage, and spinach come together in this brunch dish.
This brunch dessert is a healthier update on an old family recipe.
This easy-to-make recipe is the perfect brunch appetizer.
Champagne-soaked fruit salad is a must for your next summer brunch.
Greek yogurt takes center stage in this lighter-fare dessert.
Feed a large group with easy-to-make frittatas.
Add your own fresh vegetables to cream cheese for a more original bagel brunch.
This brunch cocktail packs a punch.
Love eggs benedict? Learn to poach eggs at home.
Watermelon, blueberries, feta cheese, and balsamic come together in this light brunch recipe.
Oats and vanilla protein powder join forces to make these delicious and healthy pancakes.
Whip up three classic cocktails in frozen shot form, plus a mocktail for designated drivers.
After trying this brunch cocktail, you'll never go back to mimosas.
Going all out for your mom on Mother's Day doesn't have to be difficult to be thoughtful.
Do brunch Mexican style in spirit of Cinco de Mayo.
Come to Moonshine for the food, stay for the bottomless brunch cocktails.
Don't let Passover stand in the way of you and your Sunday morning pancakes.
Passover calls for a special kind of brunch.
Ginger beer takes the stage in this aromatic and citrusy brunch cocktail.
Get back into swimsuit shape one brunch at a time.
Rum-soaked bread takes this French toast recipe to a whole new level.
Mexican food for brunch may seem out of the ordinary, but it is, in fact, extraordinary.
Almond pesto and smoked salmon take the front seat in these brunch sandwiches.
Serve up two batches of avocado-based deviled eggs this week at brunch.
This surprising combination of ingredients makes for a refreshingly light brunch cocktail.
These oatmeal cups are as good as muffins without all the bad.
Serve up these filling sandwiches today and stave off hunger at tonight's fattening parties.
These personal frittatas are great for parties or for breakfast.
Dish + Drink travels north for a down-home country brunch experience.
Try this guilt-free deconstructed tuna melt this Sunday.
Sunday Brunch kicks off 2014 with an all new Bloody Mary Series.