It's not over yet, but i had to give you my favorite albums so far this summer, and I had to do it with 3 songs per artist.  3 is the magic number this summer, so dig in!
Where did the summer go?  Enjoy the final day of the weekend in the final few days of July, and unfortunately almost the end of the summer!  Can it be?  Sorry but yes.  Enjoy the doubleshot dankness!
It's July, which means it's time to hear some summer stories. This month, David is joined in the BTRtoday studio by storytellers Matt Dennie (@mdennie), Jim O'Grady (@jimog), and Adam Wade (@adamwade).
Let's relax in the heat this Sunday with a chill summer mix, including 2 doubleshot blocks right in the middle.  Calm down while you turn the volume up.
Some ambient electronica dub to mellow out on these hot summer days and nights.  Polish producer Docetism plus some dope chill electronica acts mixed in
Some new school reggae vibes from a traveling group of musicians and bands that record together and tour together. It's a family affair!  In between, dig into some instrumental vibes from Free Radicals.
How about 2 hours of shimmying and shaking it on this lovely Summer Sunday? Doubleshots, new indie tunes and a weekend in the sun! Sounds good to me! Let's do it!
Burn Burn Burn!  It's getting hot out there and the tunes this week reflect that.  Summer solstice inspired reggae, plus a double shot block.  More fyah!!!
Tony isn't just the boss of the Soprano crime family, he's the don of middle-aged Italian fashion.
Your summer fling this year will be with punk rock, garage, indie and, of course, rock 'n' roll—and it'll be your best one yet.
In this episode, Summer talks about what motivates her to help others and why she thinks people should take a more active role in asking for help or assisting others. 1st Person is presented by Urban…
Lettuce and Railroad Earth hit up Red Rocks, while String Cheese plays the festival circuit