Previously seen in one of our favorite episodes of BTR Hear & There, Brooklyn/Philly band The City And Horses are back for a visit to the studio to share more tunes. Lead by songwriter Marc Louis, this genre-hopping project gets compared to the likes of The Velvet Underground, Belle and Sebastian, and Jonathan Richman for its smart, twisting indie pop songs — along with the inevitable Jethro Tull tags thanks to the presence of a flute. Currently weaving tales of “the sadomasochism of anxiety disorders, the real or imagined simplicity of the 1990s, and lovingly loveless relationships,” the group rarely performs live and never tours, but when they do, it’s well worth seeing in action.
The Volga is the largest river in Russia. Say it twice, and it is the title of a musical film from 1937. It is also the name for the current musical group led by songwriter Ivan Kuraev, performing gentle folk pop songs with a compelling touch of humor (see the featured track, “Up My Ass”). Since early 2013, Kuraev has been joined by some of his most talented and accomplished musical friends in the band: Kristin Mueller on vocals and electric guitar, BTRtv VIP Brian Kantor on drums, Ian Riggs on bass, and Karen Waltuch on viola and backing vocals (her work can also be found on albums by Wilco, The Walkmen, Beth Orton, Yellowbirds, and many more).
Opened in May 2011 in Jersey City, Mana Contemporary is a multi-dimensional art complex that provides services and space for artists, art patrons, collectors, and the local community. BreakThruTV’s Lauren Hawker attended the exclusive first look at one of their new shows, Ray Smith: Here | Now. The New York and New Jersey area is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Among those affected was Ray Smith, a Mexican-American artist whose Brooklyn studio suffered major flooding. Mana offered Smith refuge by offering studio space and an exhibition to showcase his waterlogged work.