Brooklyn’s Me You Us Them plays straight ahead rock music with plenty of loud guitars and a driving rhythm section. Here they play “As Of Now” off of their album, ‘Post-Data.’
Says Travis: “These guys love rock and roll. This is a true rock band. I’m not just saying it. It is for real. You can download all of their records for free. And now you can hear them live in the studio here at Serious Business and they sound like the hottest of hot hot rock fire.”
Brooklyn’s Spanish Prisoners are about to release their sophomore album, ‘Gold Fools’ – a psychedelic pop record filled with a unique electronic ambiance. Here they play “Rich Blood” at Bushwick DIY space, the Schoolhouse.
Les Sans Culottes, a vibrant band of seven, play their own catchy, fun take on pop-rock with a French twist.
Brooklyn band A Million Years has a talent for matching great power-pop guitar riffs with catchy, often anthemic lyrics.
El Jezel have been active in the NYC/Brooklyn indie rock scene for a decade and have worked with Travis Harrison multiple times in the past, so their session for Serious Business on BTR was something of a reunion. Here, the band plays their signature brand of psychedelic rock, graced with sweet and melodic voices and their usual charm.
Asa, currently on a world-wide tour, performs soul music with a spicy kick of pop and a side of reggae that will have you hooked.
Brooklyn’s Bel Air is a sometimes-folky, alt-country rock band featuring sweet, harmonic vocals, smooth guitars, and a knack for writing catchy tunes. Here, they play “Wash Away” at a vintage hat shop in Dumbo called Cha Cha’s House Of Ill Repute.
Brooklyn band Quiet Loudly wows with their sound. Featuring loud, electric guitar, dreamy lyrics, and an in-the-pocket rhythm section, their music weaves together dynamic psyched-out rock with soulful melodies.
Watch our BTR Live Studio session with artist Chris Mills. Happy folk-like indie-rock music with great lyrics and masterful guitar.
Weird Children are a fun-loving indie-pop band from Brooklyn with a sound somewhat reminiscent of 80’s power pop with catchy lyrics and good vibes.
An Horse has a catchy indie-rock sound that leaves you wanting more. Carefully crafted lyrics mixed with some fun-loving rock music – listen as An Horse performs live in our studios.
We know you’ve been missing Peggy Sue, so we’re here to deliver you more. Catch outtakes of Peggy Sue’s folky sound that didn’t make the cut. Enjoy!
Indie-rock band Automatic Children perform the unforgettable song, “Now You Know” at the KGB bar in NYC. Don’t miss their remarkable live performance here at BreakThru radio.
Brooklyn band Yellowbirds has an indie 60’s rock sound that’s immediately ear-catching. Travis Harrison sat down with the band for an interview and some music in his studio and it’s a segment you won’t want to miss.
It’s our week of encores and we’re back with Reggie Watts. Listen to the Brooklyn musician and comedian perform “Goldie Fox” and “Just A Game,” original tracks recorded just for BreakThru Radio.
The effect of armed conflict on slang and unequivocal speech.
They’re a band you don’t want to miss, and in case you did, here’s another shot. Listen to Hank & Cupcakes perform “Ain’t No Love” and “Jimmy” at Serious Business Studios in New York City. Funky, fun, and friendly, their sound is contagious.
This week, we’ve compiled a “best of” segment we’re calling “Smash Hits, Vol. 1,” which pulls together a number of our favorite moments from the first 27 episodes of Serious Business on BTR. Included is some of the funniest, raw, and more unforgettable footage we have. Don’t miss out on a chance to sit back, relax, and laugh while watching the best of our conversations with the artists of Serious Business.
See Levek perform “Dream Entry No. 1,” live in our studio. Levek can be said to be creating a genre in itself and this song will give you a taste of just what you’ve been craving – something new.
Singer Ivana XL performs “Meat,” XXX and XXX live in Travis’s studio. One of Travis’s biggest fans, she talks about wanting to go on tour and why her bathing habits would make her an excellent tour-mate.