Stress Week - Workspaces are uniquely tailored environments that allow for people to create and produce within the confines of their walls. The design of these spaces is intended to blend utility, efficiency, and comfort for workers to reach a certain goal, whether that’s creating a new app or writing articles for a publication.
Stress Week - Many people perceive stress as a subjective experience that takes place within the privacy of their own internal landscape. But research indicates that stress can actually be transmitted from one person to another in a phenomenon called “empathetic stress.”
Stress Week - Those who enjoy the challenges of NYC may argue that the competition is beneficial for betterment and that the rewards are ultimately worth the struggle. Here’s how we handle the stress in our own lives.
Stress Week - A strange new technology three years in the making called Thync can purportedly alter a user’s mood. Vibe Squad representative Audrey Orozco came to the BTR offices where Third Eye Weekly hosts Zach Schepis and Lisa Autz tested out the technology.
Stress Week - Football season is underway, and so too is the grueling and emotionally taxing side-game of fantasy football. The season is a bitter test of will and endurance that leaves the richest minds bankrupt, replacing any shred of hope with one simple question: “why?”